Percy Harvin Refutes Reports that He had Trouble With Coaching Staff in Minnesota

Percy Harvin is officially a member of the Seattle Seahawks. They traded this year’s first-round pick and a seventh-round pick, plus a third-rounder from next year’s draft, to land the dynamic wide receiver from Minnesota. Despite rumblings that there were some issues in Minnesota, Harvin says it was simply time for a change. Percy Harvin joined KJR in Seattle with Dave “Softy” Mahler to discuss having the uncertainty of where he’d play in 2013 behind him, why he’s no longer in Minnesota, what role he envisions in Seattle and why he should continue to return kickoffs despite the Seahawks reportedly giving him a lucrative new six-year, $67 million deal worth more than $25 million guaranteed.

Is it a relief to have the whole situation behind you and to have a new team, a new salary and a new home?:

“It’s a huge, huge relief. I think I can finally get some sleep tonight. It definitely was a long process, had its ups and downs, but I landed at a dream spot for me. To play with these caliber guys, it all worked out, so I’m not complaining at all.”

How come you’re not with the Vikings anymore?:

“First off, me and the Vikings organization, we have a great relationship, despite all the rumors that you hear. … It really was media-blown, but like I said, we have a great relationship. And I’m thankful for the four years they gave me and I’m definitely happy to be here.”

But something must have happened to have them trade you, right? Could you see yourself having signed a new deal there?:

“It was just time for me to move on. We had our ups and downs. I talked to my family and friends and just decided I wanted a new change. They understood that, and like I said, I’m just happy to be here.”

What kind of role do you envision with Seattle?:

“It’s going to be similar to the role I played with the Vikings. It’s going to touch it in multiple ways on offense. At the same time, I’m very familiar with Coach Bevell’s offense. He was my offense coordinator at the Vikings, so a lot of the terminology and a lot of the things I did with him will be the same here. … I remember it just like it was yesterday.”

Do you consider yourself a deep-threat guy or more of an underneath guy?:

“Probably, if you’re looking at it, me being a big downfield threat is probably not the first thing that pops out to you, although I can get down the field very easily. To me, it’s all just with the team, the team concept. If the team needs me to catch a short pass and take it the distance, I’m willing to do that. If they call for me to run a 60-yard bomb, I’m willing to do that, too.”

What would you say to fans who are worried about you taking kickoffs based on the amount of money the Seahawks have committed to you?:

“I would just say to them that I’m going to play football. I don’t really worry about getting hurt. I’m not looking to dodge any bullets or any tackles or anything like that. I train hard for my body to be able to take that kind of punishment. To the fans, I really wouldn’t worry about that. I would tell them just to get ready to stand up when I get back there.”

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