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Paul Cambria Patrick Kane Did Not Commit A Crime

Paul Cambria: Patrick Kane Did Not Commit A Crime
August 12, 2009 – 9:30 am by Tas Melas
Patrick Kane faces four charges related to an incident with a cab driver in Buffalo.  Kane was apparently involved in the beating and robbery of said cab driver, but his lawyer, Paul Cambria, claims none of this occurred and will be proven in court.  What Cambria does not deny in the interview below is that Kane touched the driver; he simply avoids that part of the question from Waddle and Silvy on ESPN Chicago.  I believe many will look at that and say, ‘Hey, Kane touched him, something isn’t right here,’ but we need to hear all sides of the story before we jump to any conclusions.  By the sounds of it, this cabbie has a history of treating his clients with very little respect; unfortunately, this case looks to be headed to the courts, but hopefully, the truth will be revealed.  In the interview below, Cambria gives a general overview of the event, he outlines what Kane did not do, reveals the history of the cab driver, and how Kane is doing currently.
On what happened that night:
“Well, I’m not willing to do that because I believe in the court system, and I think that’s where these cases should be tried: in the courtroom, not the media.  I know it’s good for radio shows, but I don’t think it’s good for the judicial system.  What I did do and what you just read was respond to an accusation that this cab driver made.  We’ve interviewed witnesses.  I’ve even had people contact me.  There was more information that was revealed in the press today that I learned for the first time concerning issues of credibility on the part of the cabbie.  I can tell you the evidence I’m familiar with – and I think I’m familiar with all of it – demonstrates without question that Pat Kane did not commit a crime.  There’s other people involved, other circumstances that are all gonna play out in the courtroom, and that’s where they should play out.”
So Patrick didn’t touch the cab driver?
“He did not assault the cabdriver.  Did not rob the cabdriver.  Did not cheat him out of his fee.  None of those things.  He tried to get out of a locked cab from a cabdriver who was not permitting either one of them to get out of a locked cab.  He said he wasn’t gonna let the one fellow out to get his wallet.  He said that in an interview I heard.  Apparently he said that’s his MO.  When he takes young kids or college kids anyplace late at night, he locks them in the cab until they pay him.  And his lawyer said this morning in an interview that I heard, that in the past, many of the passengers have become upset because they’re being trapped in a car and not allowed to simply stand up and get their money out.”

Is Kane eager to tell his side of the story?
“He is very eager as a matter of fact, and I have advised him to simply sit tight and let the process work.  In the end, the case isn’t gonna be resolved in the media.  The case is gonna be resolved in a courtroom or a legal setting.  So let that happen and there’ll be plenty of time to discuss it.”
What is his demeanor like?
“He’s devastated anyone would accuse him of a crime.  He’s not that sort of person; wanted nothing to do with this cabdriver in any way shape or form, simply wanted to get out of the cab.  It’s been revealed today that the cab driver’s admitted he’s locked these two guys in the car and wouldn’t permit the one guy to stand up and simply reach for his wallet.  There’s more and more being developed about this.  Pat is like, ‘Why me?  I didn’t hit the guy.  I didn’t assault the guy.  I wasn’t involved in paying or not paying the fare.  I can’t believe I’m in this.”
Listen to Paul Cambria with Waddle & Silvy on ESPN Chicago
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