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Pamela Anderson: “I Feel Like I Have Gone From Baywatch To Dancing With The Stars And There Was A Missing Fifteen Years Somewhere.”


I have been a huge fan of Pamela Anderson ever since her days on Baywatch.  After relatively being out of the news for the last few years, I was excited to hear that she was going to be back in the spotlight and a contestant on Dancing with the Stars this season.  I have never been a reality TV fan but when Erin Andrews and Pamela Anderson are going to be dancing around in tight dresses, I am going to watch.  Last night, Pamela Anderson came out in a brunette wig and tangoed with her partner, Damian Whitewood, and earned her a twenty-two, the third-highest score of the night.  Although you can tell that Anderson has never really been a dancer before, she has improved each and every week.  A couple will be eliminated at the conclusion of tonight’s episode but I don’t think Pamela Anderson will be eliminated.  She is too beautiful for them to do that and that would be a disservice to the public.

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Pamela Anderson joined 590 The Fan in Toronto with Mike Hogan to talk about whether she thinks the whole training process for Dancing with the Stars has been a surprise, how she got involved in Dancing with the Stars, and the story about how she was recognized at a BC Lions game, which gave her the start she needed for her career.

Whether she thinks the whole training process for Dancing with the Stars has been a surprise:

“I think that it is good for me.  I love structure, I love working hard, I love sports so this was really good for me actually.  I am getting in really good shape and I just train with my kids at school…  I maybe trained a little less than he did, but when I train I really focus.  I am loving it.  I am having the best time ever.”

How her kids feel about her on DWTS:

“They are doing their own thing.  They surf, play lacrosse, water polo and they are busy all of the time so I am not dragging them to Dancing With the Stars.  They are twelve and thirteen and they have got their own little lives.  They just know that Mommy is doing some other fun crazy job.  They are supportive but, yeah, they are voting…”

How she got involved in Dancing with the Stars:

“They have asked me since it started and I was like ‘I am not doing Dancing with the Stars’ it just didn’t sound right.  I am not really into those reality television shows and then they sent me season eight and I had like a marathon where I just laid in bed and watched this for two days straight and my kids kept coming in and we were all just really getting into it and I thought that this is really great.  Can you imagine if I could learn how to dance?  So I said that this is the right time and I am more relaxed and kids are older so I am going to do it.  So I did it and it is the best thing that I could have done.  I feel like I have gone from Baywatch to Dancing with the Stars and there was a missing fifteen years somewhere.”

What has surprised her about the most of her experience on Dancing with the Stars:

“That I can kind of dance.  That I can actually get through a song and remember choreography and I get to put all of my flavors into it and I get to have fun with my characterization.  It is like a little play every week.  I just really wanted to know if I could do it because I would feel that if someone else can do it, I can do it.  I have always loved watching dancers so this is a real thrill and the fact that I get to improve every week is just so much fun.  I never knew what my capability to be.”

How she was recognized at a BC Lions game:

“OK, well I was living next to a group of guys who were working for Labatt’s beer.  They had free beer, free hot tub parties, free tickets to the game with that and beer and a t-shirt and they asked me to go to a game and I thought ‘Great, I would love to see a Lions game.’  So we all got into a Labatt’s blue Jeep and drove there and got, not that great of seats or whatever, and we all got there with all of our t-shirts and they panned through the crowd at the beginning of the game and spotted me and put me up on the jumbotron but they left me there, like all game.  They just went back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and then it was, on Monday Night Football, it was on there, and all of a sudden everyone in the streets would say ‘You are the blue dome girl.  You are the BC Lions girl’ and then I thought what is going on?  Then my gym asked me to go on a billboard after that.  I was just doing everything thinking ‘I cant believe this is happening.’  Then everybody started recognizing me and then I got asked to do a Labatt’s beer commercial and a poster and then Playboy called and then I came down here after my mom said that it was OK and then it just kind of…  I just thought that I would be here working, still working, so I am still here and have a house in Canada.”

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