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Oney Guillen Should Practice What He Preaches

Once again, Oney Guillen is in the news. You probably know him as the son of Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen who was ushered out of the White Sox organization for making ill-timed and ill-mannered comments about the organization, mostly on Twitter. He was back at it again this week, attacking former White Sox reliever Bobby Jenks personally. Jenks didn’t necessarily have the greatest things to say about the Sox and Ozzie Guillen on his way out, so Oney Guillen went below the belt and revealed a number of topics that clearly should’ve been left inside the clubhouse. Oney Guillen’s argument is that Jenks should have taken the high road upon exiting a franchise that employed him for the better part of a decade and through numerous off-field issues. Oney Guillen should probably listen to his own argument, and take the high road on a player that served his team and is now gone, no matter what Jenks said upon departure. Oney Guillen joined WSCR in Chicago with Bernstein and Rozner to discuss his Twitter attack on Jenks, why he brought the personal issues into the mix, if he feels he hurt his father’s relationship with his players, why he and Ozzie no longer discuss the White Sox, why he even bothered to make his comments and to basically defend an ill-conceived argument.

On why he used Twitter to unlaunch on Bobby Jenks:

“Somebody else, one of my cousins that was online, just made it aware to me that I guess Bobby had said a couple things about the Sox … and I saw that he took a couple personal attacks at the manager and the team, for that matter. … Players have done that before … but I just thought that was very disrespectful and very unloyal of him to do that to a team that really, really, really stood behind this guy, more than any of you guys will know.”

On revealing Jenks’ problems such as drinking issues and marital problems via Twitter:

“Obviously maybe I should’ve stepped away from the laptop. … I guess I was a little heated and I wish I could take [it back], because I do know his wife and his kids and that’s a pretty good family. I wish I wouldn’t have said that, but I did. I stand behind what I said.”

On whether this kind of behavior could have an effect on his father’s relationship with players:

“The only thing that was mentioned that could be considered critical in that sense would be when I said the whole manager’s office thing. Everything else … that was away from the clubhouse.”

On whether Ozzie has told him to quit doing these types of things:

“We decided that we weren’t going to talk about, between me and him or our family, not talk about White Sox baseball because I consider myself media now.”

On why he even bothered to go there:

“No one’s life is complicated because everyone is on vacation, enjoying the holidays. You’re just standing up for your ballclub and your manager, that’s basically what it comes down to.”

On what possible damage could’ve been done to his father’s name because of Jenks’ comments:

“Well, I guess maybe you and I don’t know. You don’t know if any damage was done to my dad or the team or any of that. We can just assume.”

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