Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask Hopes a New Stadium is a Short-Term Priority

Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask Hopes a New Stadium is a Short-Term Priority
May 2, 2012 – 9:00 am by Eric Schmoldt
The Oakland Raiders haven’t really been shy about stating that it’s time for a new stadium. They also aren’t hiding the fact that they’d like a new facility to come at the same location that the Coliseum currently sits on. That’s the point that the Raiders’ CEO Amy Trask makes in the following interview when pressed about what’s going on with the possibilities there.
Trask also hopes that a new stadium comes as a short-term priority for the folks around the city and county as it does for the team itself. And at this point, it doesn’t sound like the Raiders are ruling anything out, as Trask doesn’t exactly spurn the possibility of the Raiders playing at the San Francisco 49ers new stadium.

Amy Trask joined KNBR in San Francisco with Murph and Mac to discuss the possibilities of the Raiders getting a new stadium, if it’s a short- or long-term possibility, if there’s any chance the Raiders play in the 49ers’ new facility and working with new owner Mark Davis.
When’s your new stadium getting built?:
“We have not been at all shy about talking about how much we do like the site in Oakland. We think it’s an absolutely tremendous site for a stadium. It’s centrally located in the Bay Area. It is, of all football stadiums in the United States, the best served by public transportation. … But, that said, you’re absolutely right, we do need a new stadium. … We are actively looking at stadium options. But we do like the site on which we play and … we think that that site is optimal not only for a new stadium.”
Should we expect something soon or are these long-term plans?:
“I hope they’re not too long-term. There is a sense of urgency on our part. We’ve been working on this for quite a while. We engaged architects a number of years ago to do a feasibility study for that site. We’ve shared all that information with the city and with the county and with the joint-powers authority and we hope that there’s a sense of urgency at this point.”
When the 49ers broke ground, what was the feeling there? And is there any chance you could share that stadium?:
“Well, initially my thought was to say, ‘Wow. Congratulations. Well done Jed York. Well done 49ers organization.’ I certainly know how very, very difficult it is to get a stadium project lined up and to break ground. We wish them absolutely all the best and best for success except maybe on days we play them of course. We have an open mind. We are keeping an open mind in all regards. We need to be in a new stadium and we’re keeping an open mind.”
What has it been like working with Mark Davis, the Raiders’ new owner?:
“Mark Davis is very passionate about the Oakland Raiders. Mark wants what is absolutely the best for the Raider organization. And Mark wants to win. And that’s what the Raider nation should be thrilled about.”
Listen to Amy Trask on KNBR in San Francisco here
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2 Responses to “Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask Hopes a New Stadium is a Short-Term Priority”

Davis family is in a similar situation to the Maloofs.
By J.T. on May 3, 2012

I like the idea of keeping the same site, It makes alot of sense to stay there. I remember what happened last time, I hope that politics don’t come in and mess this up again like last time. The Raider Nation deserves better. With Mr Al Davis not with us any more. We need this new stadium to fulfill his dream.
By Raiderbear on May 4, 2012

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