Norm MacDonald Set to Debut “Sports Show” on Comedy Central

Well, I believe I have found a show that I am at least intrigued to watch a few times to give it a shot. Think Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald mixed with fresh take on recent sports news. That’s pretty much the premise for MacDonald’s new show on Comedy Central, simply titled “Sports Show.” I always found MacDonald’s Weekend Update to be the funniest of all of the version’s SNL has put out over the years and he still seems about as funny as ever in the following interview. Norm MacDonald joined KILT in Houston with Marc Vandermeer and John Lopez to discuss the excitement surrounding the show, the show’s premise, the need to stay up to date with the most recent sports topics, people who walk down the street and call him Turd Ferguson and who else will help him make sure the show is funny.

Gauging his excitement for “Sports Show with Norm MacDonald” on Comedy Central:

“I’m thrilled. I love sports. I’ve done politics shows before, but I don’t know anything about politics.”

On putting a little “Weekend Update” spin on it like he did back on Saturday Night Live:

“Yeah. We’re just going to try to pump as many jokes as we can into the half hour. And then we’re going to have guests come on, like either athletes or celebrities, to talk about sports. There’s a lot of guys that have funny opinions on sports.”

How he’ll have to keep up with current events to keep it original and funny:

“Definitely. We’ve got to be ready. That’s what’s fun about it. LeBron’s mom, we’ll have to figure out a joke for her. I guess we could say she took her talents to South Beach, but that would be too simple I suppose.”

Is there anything funny about the NFL lockout?:

“It’s bad. It’s not good for the show, either. I’m the real victim.”

Does it bother him when people come up to him and want to hear him do some of his old impressions from SNL?:

“I can’t really do impressions. People think I can, but it’s because they put you in a mask of the guy and it’s pretty easy. I wrote that Celebrity Jeopardy just so I could do Burt Reynolds, but one time I did a joke where Burt Reynolds decided to change his name and call himself Turd Ferguson. A lot of times, I’ll just be walking down the street and they’ll just go ‘Hey Turd!’ And I’ll be like ‘Thank you.’”

Who else is a part of the staff for the show?:

“It’s all dependent upon the writing. I got a couple of guys that did Weekend Update with me, a couple of guys from the great David Letterman Show. Mostly it’s just the four of us pounding it out every day, watching sports.”

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