Nick Foles Isn’t Focused On Where His Name Lies On The Philadelphia Eagles’ Depth Chart

Michael Vick keeps taking hits, but at least Eagles fans are starting to believe they have a competent backup in rookie third-round pick Nick Foles, who has been exceeding expectations throughout the preseason. Vick has been forced to leave both of Philadelphia’s games due to injury, and Foles has stepped up and performed wonderfully in both cases. Nick Foles joined Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow on WIP in Philadelphia to discuss his ability to take stand up to pressure in the pocket and where he stands on the quarterback depth chart in Philadelphia.

On standing tall in the face of the blitz :

“I trust my o-linemen and, like I said, they did a great job. And sometimes those things do happen and guys get in, but very few times last night. It’s easy to stand in there and deliver and keep moving the chains. And our receivers were doing a great job running routes, so as a quarterback you gotta stand in there and deliver the ball to them, because they’re working their butt off to get open.”

On if he’s thinking about the backup quarterback job:

“Not at all. I’m really just focusing on helping my team get better and just going out every day to work hard and improve and be the best player for my team that I can be. And just help the guys around me and do everything I can to keep growing, keep maturing in the offense. All I can do is just worry about getting better and helping my team in any way possible.”

On how the Texas Longhorns let him leave Austin (where he’s from) to play elsewhere:

“Everything happens for a reason, and they have a great program there but I’m very fortunate I ended up at Arizona and was able to play there because I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

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