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There has certainly been plenty of optimism flowing regarding the NFL lockout lately. Green Bay Packers running back Ryan Grant took that optimism to the highest level in the following interview. Grant, who missed nearly all of last year with an injury, says he knows there will be football and that “I can basically guarantee that.” However, Grant couldn’t answer the question that’s been on all of our minds lately, which is when will that be? While plenty of good things are being said, we still haven’t seen the lockout end or anyone really project a firm date on when it’s going to happen.Like everyone, Grant would like it to be sooner rather than later. He injured his ankle in the season-opener against Philadelphia last year and needs some time to get back into his pads and into hitting mode before he can jump right back on the football field.

Ryan Grant joined WSSP in Milwaukee with The Big Showto discuss when the NFL will be getting back to work, if he needs the lockout to end by a certain date to feel good about there being a full season, if he’s still considered the starter in Green Bay’s backfield and what he would think if he was asked to play the role of backup.

When are you guys going to be getting back to work?:

“I don’t [know]. I know there will be football. I can basically guarantee that. When we will start, I don’t know. I know we’re in talks. I know they’re pretty frequent talks. Both sides want ball and whenever it does get done, guys will be excited to get back on the field, especially me.”

Is there a date by which the lockout needs to end for you to feel good about there being a full season?:

“Not really, necessarily. I don’t know some of the stuff. … I’m glad I’m not one of the coaches, not the front office or the league, regarding how to do that. I know what I would like from an individual sense to get myself prepared game-wise.”

After missing most of last year with an injury, are you still considered the starter?:

“I would think so. I don’t know. From what I’ve heard, that’s the conversation that was told to me. … I was told that by [former running backs coach Edgar Bennett], initially. Jerry [Fontenot, the new position coach] didn’t tell me that anything changed. Jerry told me that as of right now I’m still the leader of the backfield and the expectations won’t change. … I do believe there will be competition, which is fine. I’m all for that.”

But you want to start, right?:

“Of course. Why would you not want to? Who doesn’t want that? But I do want to win, more importantly. And I do feel like what I bring to the table and what I do on the field is very direct to me. … I’m looking forward to whatever happens regarding all that and I’m just going to take care of what I can.”

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