Nfl Coaches At Colt Mccoy’s Pro Day Tell Him “you Did Awesome. You Are Going To Be A Stud.”

NFL Coaches at Colt McCoy’s Pro Day Tell Him “You Did Awesome. You are Going to be a Stud.

The beginning and end of Colt McCoy’s college career were tough on the quarterback. In his second start, as a 180 pound freshman trying to fit into Vince Young’s national champion shoes against Ohio State, McCoy looked like a deer in headlights as his team lost  to the Buckeyes. Then, in the BCS National Championship his senior season, a shoulder injury forced McCoy out of the game just two passes into the game.In between those games, McCoy had one of the best careers of any quarterback in college football history, leading his team to a  record, throwing for almost  yards, 108 touchdowns to just 44 interceptions and completing about 70% of his passes. He also ran for over  yards and 20 touchdowns. And, he gained about 35 pounds of muscle over those four years.Now with a healthy shoulder cleared by Dr. James Andrews and four seasons worth of game tape, McCoy is out to prove that he should be one of the top quarterbacks drafted in this month’s NFL draft.Colt McCoy joined the Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN Radio to talk about his Pro Day, his shoulder, draft experts, and draft day plans.

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On how his Pro Day:

“It was awesome man. I felt great about it. I made all the throws. I think going into the Pro Day, the questions were, ‘Is your shoulder healthy? Can you make the throws? How’s your feet? How’s your accuracy after the injury?’ I really feel like I answered all those questions. I chucked it deep. I think that we had eight balls over 40 yards complete. Everyone that I talked to said that I did awesome and that’s all they needed to see. A lot of the coaches were asking me after we got done with the script, if they could do some individual drills, maybe throw on the run. I said, ‘Sure, absolutely. I would love to do whatever you guys want to see.’ Afterward, every coach that I talked to said, ‘You did awesome. You exceeded our expectations and you are going to be a stud. We saw what we needed to see.”

On the latest on his shoulder:

“About two and a half weeks ago Dr. Andrews cleared me for good. He said my shoulder was . I’ve been working my tail off to get to that point. Now I am able to go out and throw with Jordan (Shipley) and a couple of the guys and really be sharp. I am completely healed. It’s good to go out there and have some confidence throwing the ball and to hear all the coaches and what they thought about it. That really made me feel good. I just got to keep working. Now it’s all about getting to a team and earning a job.”

On what he thinks of “experts” who don’t give him a First Round grade:

“I try not to listen to that. I really put a lot of stock into what these coaches say and what they tell me. I met with a lot of teams afterward and I’m going on several of visits. I am excited for this whole process. I don’t know where I am going to end up. I really don’t. At the same time, I’m confident in my arm and my shoulder and what I have done in college. And I am confident that that’s going to carry over to the NFL. I’m considering this whole process as a reward for what you have done in college. Whether I go in the first round or I go in as a free agent, I get to play at the highest level and that’s the NFL. I’m excited about that and excited about this opportunity and I’m going to make the most of it.”

On his plans for draft day:

“I haven’t decided yet. I got my letter in the mail from Mr. Goodell asking me to come to New York. I just don’t know yet. I would love to spend it with my family that has gotten me to where I am today. I’m really close to them. It will be a tough decision, but I have not made any final decisions.”

Nd on if it was surprise him to go number one overall:

“Yeah, it definitely would. I feel like every quarterback in this draft feels like they are really good and that they are the best quarterback. I definitely put myself in that situation.”


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