New Raiders Coach Tom Cable on KNBR 680 in The Bay Area


Did Tom Cable, the new Raiders coach, just say ‘playoffs’? Playoffs? Wow, good luck Mr. Cable. Of course, the man is just saying what all new head coaches do, which is that they expect to take the organization back to the promised land. The Raiders do have a few things to work with, but odds are Tom Cable is a dead-man walking in Oakland before Al Davis makes his next futile attempt at recruiting a high-profile head coach to lead his Raiders organization. This guy gives a good interview, so I’m immediately feeling bad for the guy who was hired on an interim basis following Lane Kiffin’s dismissal.

Mo Williams’s Bold Guarantee for Los Angeles Clippers in Lockout Shortened Season: “We will make the playoffs. You can qoute me on that. The youth will prevail.”

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