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Saints Interim Head Coach Aaron Kromer: “We’re Ready to Bust Out At Any Time Now”
October 3, 2012 – 8:15 am by Brad Gagnon
It’s beginning to look as though this season could be a write-off for the New Orleans Saints after a tumultuous offseason and an o-4 September, but crazier things have happened than a team turning a start like that into a playoff run. In fact, crazier things have happened this calendar year in New Orleans.

Saints interim head coach Aaron Kromer joined Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert on WWL in New Orleans to discuss some of the things that the team has struggled with during its rough start, including the lack of a pass rush, a lack of balance on offense, the team’s turnover ratio, and being on the verge of breaking out.
On the struggling pass rush:
“We have to find a way to get a four-man rush to have more effect on the quarterback, and we have to find a way with the blitzes to get there and pressure this quarterback. And we didn’t do that [Sunday] and we definitely have to improve in that area.”
On only running 19 times Sunday:
“We have to do a better job on those 19 runs of blocking and running. We can count numbers and how many reps we have running and how many we don’t have, but the fact is when we dial up a run play, we have it designed in practice, they show us the look, they do the things that we planned on doing. We have to execute it better, and we didn’t do that. And we have to get that fixed. We have to continue to work at it to get the right pieces in. Some guys are, individually, are letting us down, and we can’t let that happen, we’ve gotta get better at that.”
On losing despite winning the turnover battle by a plus-two margin in Green Bay Sunday:
“Any time you can get our offense two more opportunities with the football and stopping their opportunities, it’s going to be a huge factor in the game. And obviously that put us in position to win it at the end, those two things, and whether it be a kick or a catch at the end, we could have won that game. Should have.”
On being close to breaking out:
“We’re so much better now than we were Week 1 and 2. We’re not the same team, and we’re getting to that point, we’re ready to bust out at any time now, and that’s exactly what I told the guys. If they can’t sense it, then they’re blind — they’re not paying attention — because we’re a way different team, a way more intense, attacking football team than we were in Week 1 and Week 2. And we just need to convert that to a win.”
Listen to Aaron Kromer on WWL here
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