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New Chargers GM Tom Telesco on Having a Personal Relationship With Bruce Arians: “I’m Not the Only Person in the Interview Process”

Bruce Arians
Bruce Arians

When Tom Telesco left the Indianapolis Colts’ front office to become the Chargers’ general manager, many figured it was only a matter of time before Telesco brought Bruce Arians across the country to join him in San Diego. But in the early stages of the search for the team’s next head coach, Telesco refuses to admit that Arians has an edge. Tom Telesco joined Chris and Ben on XTRA Sports 1360 in San Diego to discuss leaving a front-office job in Indianapolis to take over the Chargers, his approach to scouting and the draft and if Bruce Arians has an “inside track” to come in and become his head coach in San Diego.

On the Chargers reaching out to him:

“I was not looking to leave unless it was the right spot. The Chargers asked for permission to talk to me for the job. It ended up being the week of our Baltimore playoff game. We interviewed on a Friday before our playoff game.”

On if he’s thinking about the draft yet:

“Way, way too early. We have to get the head coach and the assistant coaches first, and that will kind of start setting the plan from there.”

On finding players from smaller schools and during the bowl season:

“We don’t care where they come from. There’s players at all different levels and you just gotta find them. It doesn’t matter where they come from. Obviously scouting a player from Alabama is easier than a player from Mount Union because you know exactly who he’s playing against. But the bowl season, I’ve always liked [it] for scouting purposes because most of the teams have two or three weeks off, so you’re watching players that are well-rested, they’re usually healthy and they’re usually playing a good opponent. And for a lot of guys it’s their last game.”

On if Bruce Arians has an inside track on the head-coaching vacancy:

“I wouldn’t say inside track, but the interview would be a lot easier because I already kind of know what his philosophy is. But I’m not the only person in the interview process. With Dean Spanos and John Spanos and Ron Wolf and Ed McGuire, we’ll also sit down with the coaches and go through them. But right now, pretty much everyone’s on an even track and we’ll get moving quickly on that now.”

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