Nevada Coach Chris Ault on Boise State: “They Were Lucky” To Be In The Game

Nevada Coach Chris Ault on Boise State:

They Were Lucky” To Be In The Game I watch football like it’s my job. Mostly because it is my job. I’ve seen countless games this season, whether live and in person or on TV. None of them were better than the Boise State-Nevada game on Friday. I just wish more people could have stayed up to see it.If you missed it — and somehow didn’t watch any highlights over the weekend — Nevada pulled off an entertaining comeback, only to see Boise State’s deep pass set up a short game-winning field goal. However, that chip shot was missed, sending the game to overtime. There, the Broncos missed another field goal, the Wolf Pack did not and previously undefeated Boise State saw its national championship dreams end in heartbreak.Seriously, find somebody who DVR’d it. It’s worth your time.Nevada coach Chris Ault joined ESPN Radio with Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo to discuss the swings of emotion in the final minutes of the upset, the incredible finish by senior quarterback Colin Kaepernick, if Kaepernick can make it as a pro, whether he felt bad for Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman and whether he’ll continue coaching or this is a good way to go out.

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On the swings of emotion in the final minutes:

“That point was just unbelievable when [Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore] and Titus [Young] made the catch. They’re two great players. We weren’t in position. Our DBs weren’t deep enough and really I was looking for somebody to choke. I was afraid your cameras would catch me, so I didn’t do it. It was one of those deals. And their kicker is as good as there is out here in the West. He’s a terrific, terrific kicker and it’s 26 yards and right in front of the goalpost and you’re just deflated. We worked so hard to get where we were, to do what we hoped we could do and to have that happen with one second left was unbelievable. When he missed it, of course the world lit up again. On our sideline, all of our guys said, ‘This is it. We’ve got the chance and we’ve got to take advantage of it.’”

On his seniors finally beating Boise State:

“I’m so proud of our seniors because we had been semi-close the last couple of years with some chances and didn’t finish. For [Kaepernick] and those seniors, they are deserving. They paid their prices to this company and I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am for Kaep. He is one of the greatest young people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching.”

On whether Kaepernick is a pro quarterback:

“There’s no question about it. There isn’t. I’m gonna tell you this now, there’s no question about it. Not only will he be a pro, but I think he’s one of those guys that all of the sudden they say, ‘You know, we didn’t realize his potential as a passer.’ He has really gone from being a thrower to a passer. He is as good mind-wise as any college quarterback in the country. Absolutely, we’ll see him playing on Sundays.”

On Boise State’s kicker missing two memorable kicks:

“It has not happened and I’ve been in it long enough to have the experience with us and our players, I think [Boise State coach Chris Petersen] did a great job because it wasn’t about one play costing them the game. Obviously it was a big play, but there were other opportunities. And the way I look at it, I felt Boise was lucky to have that last shot and it was due to our poor play. You look at that and then you go into the overtime and that’s a whole different mindset for all the players. I know this, he’s a tremendous young man, he’ll do well and he’ll come out of it.”

On whether this was the moment to go out on or he will continue coaching:

“People say, ‘Are you having fun?’ No. … It’s miserable fun you have as a coach. But the competition, being around these young people, it just keeps you going. I’ve got as much enthusiasm as any assistant coach in the country and maybe more than most. Yeah, the fire’s still burning and games like that they just fan the flames.”

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