NBA Lockout: Kemba Walker, Other Rookies Continue the Waiting Game

NBA Lockout: Kemba Walker, Other Rookies Continue the Waiting Game
November 14, 2011 – 10:15 am by Eric Schmoldt
Kemba Walker knows what it feels like to be a lottery pick in the NBA Draft. To play a game, or even sign a contract? He hasn’t had the chance to go through those opportunities yet as the world sits and waits for the NBA to end its lockout.
Walker says he has little idea if we are getting close to having a season, but he’s been working out and playing, like many players, on tours at high schools to stay in shape. And if the lockout ends soon and a season becomes imminent, Walker is confident that he’ll be ready to play right away.

Kemba Walker joined WFAN in New York with Joe and Evan to discuss the lockout situation, how he’s staying in shape, being drafted by Michael Jordan, how fast he could be ready for a season if the lockout ends, the current situations at Connecticut and the Big East, and what role he’ll play once basketball resumes.
What do you know? Are we getting close to basketball anytime soon?:
“I know as much as you, to tell you the truth. Right now I’m just waiting for the word until we start. Hopefully we can start it up soon, but there’s still some things that’s got to be worked out and I’m just being patient.”
What have you been doing to stay busy and stay in shape?:
“I’ve just been working out, just trying to stay in shape. I’m on tour right now with Under Armour. We’re doing this little tour, just going to high schools and playing in front of the kids. For the most part, that’s been it.”
What did it mean to you to be drafted by Michael Jordan?:
“It’s special to know that a guy of his caliber, and I enjoyed watching him play, feels like I should be a part of his organization. It was a great feeling when my name was called by the Bobcats.”
Let’s say a deal gets done soon. How long would it take for you to be ready to play?:
“I’m not sure, really. I still have so much to learn. This is a situation where you’d have to be rushed and I think I’d be all right. I’m a fast learner. … I think I’d be ready for the start.”
What do you see from your college team, UConn, as it begins life without you?:
“Man, I think we’re going to be great. We have a great group of guys and they all get along and love each other. They have returning guys that are sophomores. … I think they’re going to have a great season.”
What are your thoughts on the Big East, as it goes through the conference realignment shifts?:
“I don’t really know what to think. … Things happen. I guess it’ll be OK.”
What position do you think you’ll play once basketball resumes?:
“I think I’ll be playing a lot of point. Since it’s me and D.J., we are both small guys and we’ll play together. I think it’ll be a situation like was in college. … Whoever gets the ball, push it, or whoever’s having the best offensive night plays the 2. Like that. It’s going to switch, so I’ll be playing both.”
Listen to Kemba Walker on WFAN in New York here
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