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Dirk Nowitzki Breaks Down the Best Burgers In Basketball Terms

I don’t know if In-N-Out Burger is looking for a new spokesperson, but I get the feeling that Dirk Nowitzki is making a push to be picked. In one of the more bizarre interviews I’ve heard lately, Nowitzki breaks down the best burgers out there based on their perceived basketball ability. He basically says In-N-Out would win them all, then goes on to discuss how some of the Dallas Mavericks scoop up some burgers after road games in California. Nowitzki scored just six points in 14 minutes in his 10th All-Star appearance over the weekend, though given his propensity to talk up In-N-Out Burger, something tells me the game wasn’t the highlight of his weekend. Dirk Nowitzki joined ESPN Radio Dallas with Ben and Skin to discuss the worst media questions of All-Star weekend, the goofy song DFW Digs Dirk, his favorite burgers and his owning of a Shake Weight.

What was the worst question he was asked during All-Star weekend?:

“A lot of them, actually. I’m not a big fan of this media availability. … It just gets annoying, some of the questions about KG. There’s all these things.”

On comparing his goofy local song to other players’ songs:

“I don’t think [anyone has one that’s better]. Jason Kidd, back in the day, tried to rap. Have you heard that rap? It’s the worst ever. Sometimes they played it in the arena and we killed it as soon as it came on. But no, my song is the best.”

Does he eat burgers?:

“I try to stay away, but In-N-Out, you just can’t compare it. It’s the best. It’s the best. It’s healthy fast food, they do their own meat and their own salad. Everything’s fresh. … I have it in the summer if we go to Vegas or something or when we’re here. Sometimes when we play Sacramento or somewhere, the guys will buy it. Golden State. Some of the guys will have burgers after the game, which we shouldn’t really do, but they’re too good to pass up.”

Wouldn’t Whataburger dunk on In-N-Out?:

“I don’t think the Whataburger would dunk on the In-N-Out Burger, but I never really liked Whataburger or all the other burgers. McDonald’s is decent, I guess, but no, the In-N-Out Burger kills them all.”

Which burger would win a 3-point shooting contest?:

“That would be Burger King. Whopper. The Whopper. I don’t really know much about burgers.”

On, if the radio host told him he lost a bunch of weight using the Shake Weight, what he would say:

“That you’re lying your ass off. I actually do have a Shake Weight. Somebody gave me a Shake Weight for Christmas this year, just I guess to be funny. I haven’t shaken it much. I don’t really know what it does for you.”

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