Mike Tyson Chimes In On Hangover 2, Charlie Sheen, And His Place In The Boxing Hall-of-fame


Mike Tyson Chimes In on Hangover 2, Charlie Sheen, and His Place in the Boxing Hall-Of-Fame

Mike Tyson has had an interesting career to say the least. At one time he took boxing by storm with his tremendously brutal punches that he dished out to his opponents, but of course he turned into quite the sideshow. He was also the guy that bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear in the ring along with declaring to Lennox Lewis that he would “eat his children.” Not to mention all the other things that have gotten him in trouble in his personal life.It appears that Tyson is starting to turn his life around a little bit, he has turned to acting, and after his role in Hangover, he is back for another cameo in Hangover 2. And he is still full of off the wall comments about any possible subject, including Charlie Sheen and his personal issues. Mike Tyson joined ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas with Gridlock to talk about the filming of Hangover 2, how he feels about being in the Boxing Hall-Of-Fame with Sylvester Stallone, Charlie Sheen’s issues, and the Super Bowl this weekend.

Human Fist

The filming of Hangover 2:

“I was in Bangkok and I was filming the Hangover 2. I can’t tell you much, but I can tell you one thing man. The parts that I have been witnessed to experience and view are hilarious. Very rarely do number twos supersede number one, but this is going to be a good one.”

How he feels about getting inducted into the boxing Hall-Of-Fame:

“I don’t know. You can call that the proverbial icing on the cake as far as career is concerned. Everybody wants to be in the boxing Hall-Of-Fame and I join all these great fighters in the boxing Hall-Of-Fame. (Host: And Sylvester Stallone?) Hey and that’s cool too because you have to understand, the boxing Hall-Of-Fame, just like the personality Hall-Of-Fame for a radio personality, it’s the contribution to radio. Some guy in radio might say one thing like ‘it’s showtime.’ You say one little thing on the radio and you’re thinking goddamn he’s going to the Hall-of-Fame for that?”

Charlie Sheen trying to turn his life around:

“Charlie can do it. I have faith in him. I think he’s gonna turn it around. If he gets the proper instructions he’s gonna turn it around and be one of the biggest success stories of the world.”

Who he likes this weekend in the Super Bowl:

“I’m not a football guy, but they’re both great teams. I wish the best of luck to both teams. Best man win. Gotta go. Got a 12 o’clock interview. Love you guys.”

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