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Mike Tannenbaum Mum On Randy Moss Rumors, Believes Josh McDaniels Will Be ‘Tremendous’ For Sam Bradford
May 27, 2011 – 5:30 am by Steven Cuce
Mike Tannenbaum made quite a few headlines last season starting with his decision to put the New York Jets on HBO’s Hard Knocks during training camp along with the acquisition of Santonio Holmes from the Steelers, who had a plethora of off the field issues that caused the Rooney family to rid themselves of the troubled wideout. The Jets were once again one game away from a Super Bowl berth this season after losing the AFC Championship game to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Tannenbaum is now faced with a few big off-season personnel decisions. The NFL lockout sure has impeded Tannenbaum from making these decisions. Will the Jets bring back Braylon Edwards?  Will the New York re-sign Santonio Holmes? What about Antonio Cromartie? The latest rumors have the Jets as potential suitors for Randy Moss. Can the Jets bring in yet another problematic wideout to their receiving corps? Nothing would surprise me with the way Rex Ryan runs his team, but the reports have been conflicting about whether the Jets would pursue Moss if the lockout were to be lifted. New York has some big decisions on the football horizon once the lockout is lifted and these choices could go a long way towards the future of this franchise.

Mike Tannenbaum joined ESPN 101 in St.Louis with Zach and the Coach (Rick Venturi) to discuss the Jets potentially signing Randy Moss, the Jets preparation towards free agency if the lockout were to be lifted, his feelings on how Rex Ryan was portrayed in Hard Knocks, Mark Sanchez being a leader of a world championship football team and the impact Josh McDaniels will have on Sam Bradford this season.
What circumstances will need to take place in order for the New York Jets to sign Randy Moss?
“Obviously I can’t address any specific rumor. Again our goal is to try to keep as many players together. We’re fortunate. We have a great owner in Mr.Johnson and a great partner with Rex Ryan. The three of us kick around scenarios all the time and always come out and let’s make the best decision for the Jets. We’ll see who we are able to keep when there is a new agreement down the road in terms of who we will have rights to and who we won’t and then we’ll go from there and try to make the best decisions.”
How prepared are you to move quickly in free agency if it were to start soon?
“That’s a great question. Ari Nissim who handles our contracts and does a great job for us…we always talk about our plans in pencil and it’s subject to change, so we’ve kind of mapped out a few different scenarios and hypotheticals, but truly no one knows so we’re kind of in a holding pattern and when they say to go we’ll be ready.”
What was your reaction to how Rex Ryan was portrayed on Hard Knocks last season?
“Just going back to the decision. I was probably the last person on board to do it and I called Ozzie Newsome, the general manager of the Baltimore Ravens, who I respect immensely, and he said just from a football standpoint he felt like they [Baltimore Ravens] got better practices because the cameras were around. Everybody was giving their ‘A Game,’ everyday and our decision was we thought we had a great story to tell. Again, we feel like we have the best practice facility in the league. We feel like we have the best stadium in the league. Why not let the eyes of the world see it? Steve Sabol and his crew at NFL Films: they do a great job and really what you saw with Rex is who he is. He’s dynamic. He’s funny. He’s self-deprecating. That’s really who he is and I think the players can relate to his authenticity.”
How ready is Mark Sanchez to be a leader of a world championship type of football team?
“Well it’s funny you mention the Colts. We just came back from a meeting in Indianapolis and I usually go there with my head low in losing to the Colts and to actually go their with my head held high for once in Indy you know felt pretty good. With that said ,with Mark he had demonstrated leadership at USC and for us in making that decision we just felt that he was a really good football player, but loved the game, loved his teammates, and I think a lot of that for him comes naturally and he told the story where he was named starter at USC and how he had all the players come over to his high school. He washed their clothes, barbecued for them. He showed real signs of leadership, with that said I think at this level you can’t rush it. It comes natural. It just happens each day. For us I think Mark just has some natural charismatic abilities and hopefully that’ll keep continuing to grow and develop.”
What impact do you think Josh McDaniels will have on Sam Bradford and the Rams offense?
“I think he’ll be tremendous. I’m a huge fan of Josh. I think he’s a rare guy. I think his football acumen is terrific. I think he’s very diligent in his preparation and I think with Sam where obviously he played so well already where I could see him going to another level is Josh’s ability to be game plan specific. I know he always gave us fits up here in our division year-after-year because one game they’re activating  one or two running backs and they’re running three and four receiver sets or three tight end sets. The next week it’s a totally different Patriots offense. I just think he is a dynamic, out of the box thinker, who can relate to all different types of people, who’s not married to one way. It’s what’s the best way to go win this game and I think that was a great, great, hire for Steve [Spagnuolo] and Josh will continue to do a great job because he’s already been so successful in our league.”
Listen to Mike Tannenbaum on ESPN 101 in St.Louis
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