Mike Shanahan Praises RGIII For A Tremendous Job In OTA’s, Very Pleased With Kirk Cousins’s Demeanor

The NFL world is consumed by Robert Griffin III and that won’t be changing anytime soon. If there is any news pertaining to the Washington Redskins it will typically center around No.10 in the Nation’s Capital and right now the media wants any nugget they can get on the rookie quarterbacks progress. So far Mike Shanahan likes what he sees in OTA’s. At the same time it’s hard to really evaluate anyone without pads on. Currently the Redskins head coach is pleased with his team’s depth at the quarterback position and time will tell if he’s made the right decisions. Mike Shanahan joined WGFX in Nashville with The Wake Up Zone to discuss the Washington Redskins fitting a system to Robert Griffin III’s strengths, RGIII handling a no huddle offense in training camp and the role of Kirk Cousins on this Redskins football team.

Is the biggest priority to fit Robert Griffin III into your system or to fit the system to him?

“Well any time you have a quarterback you try to fit the system to what he can do. You have to fit…if you take a look at the talent of the quarterback and the system that fits him. When Steve Young or John Elway or Steve Young or Jay Cutler or Brian Griese or Jake Plummer, every quarterback was a little bit different. Robert’s a little bit different than anybody I have ever been with relative to his talents. You take a look at the supporting cast that you do have and surround them with the quarterback and come up with the system that is the most effective for your team.”

Do you anticipate RGIII having a problem with the no huddle offense?

“Well we have had him for a number of weeks and we’ve gone through…today is really our last OTA day and he’s done a great job. Even though they don’t huddle up they basically didn’t even have a playbook. They ran everything from the sideline and he’s coming here and he’s called every play. We put in the whole offense relative to our normal installation schedule through these OTA days and he’s done a tremendous job.”

It created a big buzz when you drafted Kirk Cousins. What do you envision his role to be now and in the near future?

“We had him ranked very high. For me what I am trying to do as a head football coach is you want to put the best football team you can possibly put together and you have to have depth. Robert Griffin III or Kirk Cousins or Rex Grossman or whoever your second, third or fourth quarterback is he is one or two plays away from being the starter. You better get some quality backup players who can play in the National Football League and I believe that if you got a guy who you think is an excellent football player that you can get in the 4th round and improve your football team then you go do it. I’ve been very pleased with Kirk and how he’s handled himself since he has been here.”

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