Mike Pouncey Fires Back At Aaron Maybin, Questions Jets’ Use Of Tim Tebow And Declares Dolphins A Playoff Team

Mike Pouncey Fires Back At Aaron Maybin, Questions Jets’ Use Of Tim Tebow And Declares Dolphins A Playoff Team
October 26, 2012 – 6:15 am by Brad Gagnon
The Dolphins and Jets renew their rivalry this weekend, and with both teams in the thick of things in the AFC East it’s no surprise that the trash-talking has picked up. The latest bit of verbal jousting comes from Aaron Maybin on the Jets’ side and Mike Pouncey on Miami’s side.
Based on what you’re about to read, Pouncey appears to have delivered the knockout punch.

Mike Pouncey joined Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco on ESPN Radio New York to discuss new head coach Joe Philbin, former head coach and current Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, the trash talk in the lead-up to this game with the Jets (particularly from “bust” Aaron Maybin), his confidence that his team can make the playoffs, and the way in which the Jets are using Tim Tebow.
On new head coach Joe Philbin:
“We love him. We love his leadership. We love that they brought in a winner — a guy that knows how to win. That’s what our problem was last year — we couldn’t finish games in the fourth quarter. And this year is a total change, and we’re just happy right now about the way this team looks.”
On former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano, who is now the offensive coordinator for the Jets:
“I think he’s a good coach. I think he’s a hard-nosed coach that has a lot of respect around the league. I know one thing, he’s going to have those guys ready to play on Sunday. And so we can’t wait. We’re expecting a big-time game, a physical one. We hear all the trash-talking right now, so we can’t wait to get up to New York.”
On the trash talk they’ve been hearing:
“I can respect LaRon Landry, what he said, because he’s a starter, he’s a proven player in this league. But for Aaron Maybin to open his mouth, I just don’t understand it.”
On Maybin suggesting that the Jets want to take Reggie Bush out:
“Yeah, we get very angry. And I can tell you one thing, it’s going to be a physical game. And hearing that from a guy that was just known last year as one of the biggest busts in NFL history, to open up his mouth and say he’s going to hurt our starting running back? No, we’re not going to have that. So it’ll be a physical game.”
On if they think they’re better than the Jets:
“We do look at it that way. We watched the film. We ran the ball terrific the first time we played them. We’re expecting to do the same thing this time. Last game we let it get away from us, they made one more play than we did. But we’re expecting a whole different outcome this week. We put our mindset as this is the biggest game of the year for us and we have to go out there and play like it.”
On why they’re so confident:
“Because our running game has been so effective this year. And when they’ve stacked the box on us to stop the run, Tannehill has made the plays down field that he needed to make. And that’s one thing that I think teams are going to start to respect now. They respect his throwing ability, so they’re not going to stack the box as much. So now we can get back to our running game and let Reggie do the things we know he can do.”
On if he thinks they’re a playoff team:
“Oh we know we are. The one thing about being a playoff team is that you have to believe that you’re a playoff team. And I think this whole team believes that we’re playoff capable, and that we’re just going to finish the season off strong. Our bye week came at the right time, we’re coming fresh off a win and a lot of rest, so we’re going to go into this game full speed.”
On why he believes they’re a playoff team:
“The numbers don’t lie. When you have one of the best rushing teams in the NFL, you’re going to win a lot of football games. Now whether or not our rookie quarterback can finish the season out strong, that’s the question. But we’re going to keep him on his feet so he has the ability to.”
On Tim Tebow:
“I feel his pain. Tebow’s a playmaker. And with playmakers you either start them or you don’t, because they’re not going to come in the game and play five plays a game and expect them to make magic. You gotta let him loose and make the plays that he’s always known to make. And he’s been doing that his whole career.”
On if Tebow’s been misused:
“I do think that. … He isn’t going to be the prettiest passer, but he makes plays. If you put him in a situation to make a play, he’s going to make the play.”
On if they’ve been preparing for Tebow at all:
“In our whole practices all week, we haven’t been preparing for Tebow. We’re worried about Mark Sanchez making all the right throws and we’ve just been practicing for Mark Sanchez. And I think we’ll be ready for [the Tebow package].”
On how Reggie Bush has reacted to what Aaron Maybin said:
“He hasn’t expressed his feelings, but you can tell the way he’s practicing that he’s determined to go out there and play the best that he can play, and he’s determined. He has a chip on his shoulder, and he knows that we all have his back and we’re going to keep him safe out there on Sunday.”
Any final words for Maybin?:
“You can tell Aaron Maybin that we’ll be after him on Sunday.”
Listen to Mike Pouncey on ESPN Radio New York here
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