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It’s a big year for Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick is coming off a down year and the Eagles face quite a lot of pressure to keep No. 7 healthy and upright while trying to improve on a disappointing 8-8 2011 season.
Michael Vick joined Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia to discuss a somewhat controversial tweet he sent out Monday, as well as to discus improvements he’s making, improvements he’s seen from teammates in organized team activities, the team’s improvement in general and his rather low ranking on NFL Network’s latest top-100 list.

On his tweet Monday saying “Super Bowl  thatisall”:

“We just feel like we’re in a position to accomplish a lot. That’s what we wanna do. And I think if you don’t shoot for the stars, then what are you in it for? And I think if that’s everybody’s mind set, then you feel like you can accomplish it and start believing that you can do it. And we feel like we can do that, so we know it’s gonna be tough. Nothing’s gonna be easy, but I think that just makes us want to work even harder.”

On if he sees a more complete team this offseason:

“Yeah, and certainly a much more complete team than I’ve ever been on. This is the best team that I’ve been able to play with my entire career. We’ve just got talent stacked all over the place, so that’s one of the main reasons why we feel like we got a good chance at it. Chances like this, teams that are built this way don’t come around too often and you’ve gotta feel blessed that you’re in a position to play with a team with so much talent. So I just wanna take advantage of it.”

On why there’s a notion that he’ll be better in 2012 with a full offseason as starter:

“Well I guess you continue to be coached. You get coached more than you get a chance to during the season. Now is the time for us to really focus on the things that we need to improve on, myself, and we just have time to work on it. So hopefully I’m gonna be the best, even better than I was the last couple years of my career, but I know just having the confidence in myself that I get better each and every day. And I feel like I’m learning a lot about the game of football, I’m having fun playing the game of football and just hoping that the hard work will pay off and I think it will.”

On what will change about his game this year:

“Nothing. I don’t think anything’s gonna change about my game. I’ll always be aggressive, which is a good thing, and when I come to play, I come to play. When I step on that field, I’m giving it everything that I’ve got and deep down in my heart I know I was born and bred to play football and play the quarterback position, or I don’t think I would be excelling or getting better the way I am. So I’m just having fun with it, man. This game, we’re in it to have fun, to enjoy it and get the most out of it.”

On who’s looking really good in OTAs:

“Jeremy Maclin’s playing out of his mind right now — had a tremendous offseason. Me and Jeremy started working three weeks after the season ended, we was working out together. He expressed to me how much better he wanted to be this year than he was the last two years and he’s putting in the hard work to do it, and we’re seeing it pay off. … He’s gained some weight, his speed is exceptional. In anything that you do, if you develop the mind set to do it and do it right, then you can get it done.”

On which defensive player stands out the most:

“Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. He’s playing good football right now. I think I’ve thrown three interceptions in this camp and two of them, on the same route, has been to him. … Phenomenal speed through the ball, to the ball. Becoming a better cornerback than I think most of the guys in the league right now, and he’s still young.”

On being ranked 70th by his peers on the latest list from NFL Network:

“Yeah, that’s a joke. … I won’t say where I need to be, I’ll let my peers and everybody else decide on that. It was voted on by the peers, but I just disagree. … Thank you, because they’ve motivated me to become a better player this year, so I’ll have that in the back of my mind as I go out and play this year as well.”

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