Michael Strahan: I Got To Be A Very Powerful Man To Make A Guy From Mississippi Lay Down For Me


Michael Strahan is a busy man these days. He stars in Brothers, a sitcom on FOX with Carl Weathers. And he of course is part of FOX’s NFL pregame show each week. Wherever he’s showing his face, he’s never at a loss for words, lacking an opinion, or forgetting to smile andlaugh. Strahan joined KHTK in Sacramento to talk about his new found acting career, what it’s like working with Carl Weathers, how the NFL guys at FOX brought him under their wing, and how it’s totally bogus to believe that Brett Favre laid down for him to give him the season sack record of 22.5.

On working with Carl Weathers in the show Brothers:

“Carl is a phenomenal, he’s a funny dude. He’s great. And Carl is like a motivator, we motivate each other because he comes in, he looks…he’s in incredible shape. So he’ll come in and I’m going okay, now I need to go to the gym. And then if he sees me he thinks he needs to go to the gym. So we keep each other motivated. But most of the time it’s funny because Carl’s in there yesterday in the studio during rehearsals and he and the director, Ted Watson, are doing nothing but talking about recipes. I mean you’ve got two grown men in here talking about cooking?!? Something’s not right! What’s going on?”

On the infamous play where Strahan set the sack record on Favre, who appeared to just fall to the ground one play after the two of them briefly conversed on the field:

“Oh man, what year was that sack? See you don’t even remember the year – it was like 8, 9 years ago. And I got to be a very powerful man to make a guy from Mississippi lay down for me. Let me tell you that. So that is so old, and big game for him this week, and no, Brett Favre did not lay down to give me a sack, doesn’t happen in the NFL man.”

On what he’s expecting to see this coming weekend when Brett Favre returns to Lambeau Field for the first time:

“Well it will be very emotional. I’m interested like everybody else to see how the fans are going to treat him. I want to see if they’re going to cheer, boo – which I have a feeling might be the case – or if they’ve softened with the fact that he’s with the Vikings. But I think their hate for the Vikings runs so thick that they just won’t be able to accept it. But I think he’ll play well, he’s been playing well all season. Last game he had a few mistakes, but I think the Packers will be a little better prepared this time when they played those guys in Minnesota.”

On being able to make such an easy transition to the FOX NFL studio amidst giant personalities like Bradshaw, Johson, Long, etc:

“No, it wasn’t easy. The great thing about it was the guys were very accepting. Like open arms, we’re family, you’re coming, joining, we want this to be the best pregame show on T.V. So with that they were very open and accepting which really helped me make the transition. But it wasn’t easy at all because those guys are so good, and they are so natural, and they are all such good friends and have a great time together. And that was my challenge, but they approached me and welcomed me in and it was a natural fit. We have a great time – you never know what’s going to come out of anybody’s mouth. That’s the fun thing about the show.”

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