Matt Schaub Has No Explanation For The Houston Texans’ Most Recent Late-game Collapse


Matt Schaub Has No Explanation for the Houston Texans’ Most Recent Late-Game Collapse Another week, another frustrating loss for the Houston Texans. After such a promising start to the NFL season, the Texans are in a full-fledged free-fall to conclude the season after blowing a 17 point lead against the Denver Broncos in Week 15. Matt Schaub again played well at times, but couldn’t help the Texans’ close out a win with enough production in the second half while the Broncos made their charge. Will the latest series of setbacks finally lead to some changes in the organization?Schaub joined KILT in Houston to talk about the Texans’ recent loss, what Coach Kubiak said to the team afterward, their fast start in the first half, their struggles in the second, the play of Owen Daniels and Jacoby Jones, and why Arians Foster didn’t get more carries in the second half.

On what Coach Kubiak had to say to the team following the game:

“Well there wasn’t much to say. It was a disappointing way to lose and disappointing ending to a good week of work. So he didn’t have much to say, there weren’t many words to describe the feeling and how things went.”

On the Texans’ fast start against the Broncos:

“Well what we were trying to accomplish was to play well, score more points and beat the Broncos. In the first half we were moving the ball and scoring some points, but then in the second half we kicked up a couple of field goals early on, then they started scoring some points, and we had a couple of opportunities to put them away and we just didn’t do that.”

On not having Andre Johnson, and on the solid play of Owen Daniels and Jacoby Jones:

“Without Andre it obviously altered what we could do because we were a little bit thin at the wide receiver position so we felt it was necessary to get the tight ends involved more. They’ve been playing extremely well for us this year, and we created a bunch of matchups with those guys inside and over the middle, as well as with our backs. So that was really how we wanted to approach the game, and we executed that pretty well for the most part throughout the game.”

On his overall assessment of the Texans’ offensive execution:

“Well I thought we could have executed better. We did come out and get 17 points in the first half which we were happy about, but at the same time we could have had some more points there; we could have had 21 or 24. And then in the second half, we didn’t really convert well on third downs, we had a couple of penalties that hurt us and put us in difficult situations. So from that standpoint, we hurt ourselves down in there when we could have had some more points with those drives.”

On why Arians Foster didn’t get his number called more in the second half when the Texans werplaying with the lead:

“Well we did go that way, we just didn’t get much out of it to start drives on first and second so we had to throw the ball, and then we didn’t stay on the field. So that’s what happened for the most part I guess, you know, I don’t know what goes through…I’m just running the plays and what’s called, so we were just trying to make some plays in certain situations when they were bringing their pressures and everything, you try to beat it with the throw.”

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