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Matt Moore on his First Start as Dolphins Quarterback: “I don’t care if it is super ugly. We gotta get a win.”

The Miami Dolphins are in the midst of a transitional period after losing quarterback Chad Henne to a season-ending shoulder injury on Oct.2 in San Diego. Tony Sparano, who was rumored to be out the door before the season even started when the Dolphins heavily pursued Jim Harbaugh, is squarely on the hot seat. It’s hard to justify tanking games at this point in the season obviously, but all the talk that surrounds Andrew Luck this year is for a good reason. If Miami can’t get their season on track beginning on Monday night against the Jets, the Dolphins are going to be another big step closer to being a prime contender in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Matt Moore has now been given the task of saving the Dolphins season in his first career start in Miami. Not the easiest task when your first game is on the road against the New York Jets defense on Monday Night Football. Matt Moore joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton in the Morning to discuss the Miami Dolphins bye week helping him prepare for the New York Jets, preparing for Rex Ryan’s defense, Tony Sparano having yet to lose to the Jets on the road in his Miami Dolphins coaching career, Brandon Marshall wanting to get into a fight with Antonio Cromartie and dealing with Brandon Marshall’s mouth going into this game. So this has gotta be another opportunity for you now to fill in for Chad Henne of the Miami Dolphins and show the league that you can still play?

The bye week must have helped you learn the offense a little bit more last week?

“You’re exactly right. Our bye [week] couldn’t have come at a better time with the situation that we have here. I got a lot of reps last week and this week taking all the reps as a starter is a little different role. It’s definitely a good opportunity. The ultimate goal and the biggest issue here is to go out and get a win. I don’t care if it is super ugly. We gotta get a win and that’s all that matters. But you are right a good opportunity. I just gotta go out and execute and play well.”

How about preparing for Rex Ryan’s defense? This team has given up 30 points in three straight games and this isn’t the easiest task to go up against a team in their own building on Monday night?

“There’s no doubt about that. It’s an experienced group. They give you a ton of different looks and you just gotta be ready for everything. They got their guys at the back end that cover well and just like you said they like to come out you from a bunch of angles. We just gotta be prepared and be on top of our stuff. We have to execute and don’t fuel the fire that they create being in their home stadium on Monday night.”

So has Tony Sparano told you guys all week that he is 3-0 against the Jets in New York, so you better not mess this up?

“We’ve heard it a couple of times. Yeah.”

Here’s another one: It has come out that Brandon Marshall wants to get into a fight with Antonio Cromartie in Monday’s game and get thrown out. I’m guessing that is all just talk right?

“Right. Yeah. I found that out yesterday. I think that is Brandon [Marshall] hyping himself up and just getting ready to go.”

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