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Mark Cuban Gets Body Slammed During His WWE Appearance

Is there anything Mark Cuban won’t do? As we can all remember back in his comments towards NBA officials and the $500,000 fine he received, Cuban was quoted by the Dallas Morning News, “Ed Rush (head of officiating) might have been a great ref, but I wouldn’t hire him to manage a Dairy Queen…” It was after that comment he received public backlash and decided to work for Dairy Queen for half a day and buy everyone in Dallas an ice cream cone. Mark Cuban can also wrestle. Cuban has had a history with WWE as he once made an appearance on Survivor Series back in 2003 in which he was RKO’d by Randy Orton. This past Monday night he was the guest host for WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Cuban’s big part in the show came during a debate in which he moderated between WWE champion John Cena and challenger Sheamus. Things proceeded to get a little physical and Cuban then tried to separate the two, and got shoved to the mat by Sheamus. An irate Cuban then got up and got in Sheamus’ face, shoving the WWE superstar down. Then Sheamus took Cuban and body slammed him through a table and he was taken out of the ring by paramedics. Mark Cuban joined KTCK with BaD Radio in Dallas to talk about his WWE experience and how real it really is.

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On him getting thrown onto a table during his WWE experience:

“Is that what happened? I was out. I was out cold by then. He knocked the wind out of me. I was seeing stars when I hit the floor. It just hit and they kind of woke me up when I was down there. You know it is like anytime you take a hit and hit the floor you take a body inventory. I took my body inventory and they were whispering stay down. You don’t have to get back up. Take the white flag. That was it.”

On being fascinated by what is going on:

“You kind of get an outline of what is going on but you have got to be able to tolerate getting hit. I talked to the guy, Sheamus, who is a rugby player so we were using rugby analogies: If it comes to blows here is what I am going to do to you. You know I didn’t know specifically but he was right.”

On the economy not affecting the attendance to WWE and other industries:

“WWE, movie theaters. Our movie business is doing great. The Mavs were fighting and are still doing really strong and the Cowboys are selling tickets. When things are bad people got to get out of the house and get their mind off of all of their problems and that is why good entertainment like this continues to sell.”

Whether professional wrestling hurts:

“Yes it hurt when he pushed me on the ground and I was like Dang! I will tell you the one thing that makes it easier than maybe it looks and that is the mat’s pad. That is the one thing so when I hit the ground when he pushed me I think I dinged my elbow. It hurt but it was no big deal because the ground was soft. When he hit me in the stomach he hit me in the stomach.

I mean there are people ten feet away and you pulled it and he didn’t hit you those guys are not going to get into it and are going to be yelling:

Fraud or Fake! Then you see the guys afterwards when they were coming to check on me these guys are black and blue. They take a hit and it maybe that the outcomes are preordained but the physicality is not. I will give you the perfect example. When I was refereeing the thing all they told me was here is your chance to payback if and when Kofi gets Randy Orton to the ground, you do a quick count and you get the hell out of there right? But I didn’t know where the action was going to go.

So I am thinking to myself that I am at least a referee at least look for things because they told me the basic rules:

If they are in a corner you have to count to four and get them off of the ropes. But I am thinking to myself that he is just going to throw him into the ropes and I am not going to be able to get out of the way quick enough. So I had to be on my toes and that is why at the beginning I was just watching then it dawned on me that I could get run over. So I am moving around a lot thinking to myself to stay light on my toes so you can zig or zag which ever way you have to go.”

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