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Mark Brunell Has Finally Gotten To The Super Bowl, Who Cares If He Is Not The Starter

Mark Brunell once was the starting quarterback for the Jaguars and Redskins. He took the Jags two times to the AFC Championship game and got to the playoffs three times in the first four years of their existence. Yes that’s a NFL record. An amazing one at that. As a Jaguar he was selected to three Pro Bowls as well. This guy was an elite NFL quarterback in his heyday. He now is the backup quarterback in New Orleans and was on the field for the biggest play (so far) in the teams’ history. He was the holder for Hartley’s game winning field goal to get the Saints to the Super Bowl. But for Brunell times were not always fine and dandy. Injuries slowed Brunell down when he was traded to the Redskins and eventually he was 3rd string before coming to New Orleans. This move might have been the best for his mindset. Even as a backup he still seems happy and is one game away from winning the Super Bowl, something he couldn’t do as a starter in Jacksonville. He didn’t sniff the field in for New Orleans and became the holder this season.

Even if he doesn’t get back on the field as a full time quarterback again he has done plenty in his career and now maybe he can come close to the end of it with some jewelry as well.  The best kind of jewelry for an NFL player, the Super Bowl Championship Ring. That’s something many quarterbacks in the league will never get. Mark Brunell joined Sports Final Radio on 1010 XL in Jacksonville with Sports Final Radio (which includes former teammate Tony Boselli) and talked about the kick that got them into the Super Bowl, playing with a guy like Drew Brees, and if it would have been sweeter for the Super Bowl trip to be when he was the starter in Jacksonville.

Asked about how crazy it was to be on the bench the whole game with Hartley and the season come down to a kick:

“You don’t really think about it. It’s something we practice time and time again throughout the whole season. You certainly don’t think the whole season is riding on this one kick; you just kind of go out there and do your job. You know holding isn’t really that tough, I mean particularly when you got a real good snapper like we do. He puts it pretty much on the money every time and you grab it, put it down and hope the kicker puts it through. The last thing you want to think about is if he doesn’t make this or I drop this hold, you just go up there, be comfortable, confident and try to get it down for your place kicker.”

Asked if he wished he was back in and the starter being in the Super Bowl and if it still holds the significance to be in the game as a backup:

“Oh absolutely, you know  or  would have been great but it didn’t work out. That hasn’t crossed my mind, I am thinking about right now and the opportunity we have this year and I guess better late than never. To be a part of this team and to have this opportunity to win a Super Bowl, it’s thrilling.”

Asked if he felt bad for Brett Favre the way it ended for him after a great season:

“I am obviously excited about the outcome, but you feel bad for guys particularly who had a great year and has to end on a throw that like. He hasn’t make that many bad throws all season and yet in the critical time he threw one across his body, inside and we made a good play on it. I am kind of mixed on that, I am glad we stayed alive and were able to win the game, but I felt bad for him. You know talking to him afterwards, it was just written all over his face, how disappointed he was. He has got a lot to be proud of obviously, he is a great competitor and he is the one who got the Vikings into the NFC championship game.”

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