Mario Williams Discusses Returning To A 4-3 Defense, His Number Switch And His Impending Return To Houston


Mario Williams is finally wearing Buffalo Bills colors. OK, technically Bills colors and Texans colors are the same, but the shades have changed and the atmosphere is most certainly different. At the end of the day, all that matters for Williams and Bills fans is that the former No. 1 overall pick  once again gets to place his hand back into the dirt as a 4-3 end in Western New York. Mario Williams joined Brady and Lang on The Fan 590 in Toronto to discuss his comfort level with Dave Wannstedt’s defense, his decision to change numbers in his new setting and his scheduled return to Houston on Nov. 4.

On getting acclimated to Dave Wannstedt’s 4-3 defense:

“Well I know Dave’s a awesome coach and I’m really excited about being able to (practice) with the guys and (get) the terminology down and plays, and understanding what they want and expect from different looks, and things like that. So I’m ready to get out here and finally get a little bit going as far as football goes and make it happen.”

On switching his number to 94:

“Well, I wanted to change the whole scene anyway. I wanted to have a new beginning and just wanted to start fresh. Pretty much my mindset was coming in here that I was gonna switch it, and my best friend, Antonio Smith, is No. 94 for the Texans, so I told him from the first day I was gonna get 94.”

On returning to Houston in Week 9:

“It is just another game. You can’t go in there too high. You gotta go in there calm. You don’t wanna go out there and do something different that you wouldn’t do before, so just staying calm and just going down and playing football. It’s the same thing. It’s just another team and another chance to go out there and do something. So that’s pretty much where I’m taking it.”

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