Marcell Dareus Has All The Tools To Make The Jump To The Next Level

Marcell Dareus Has All the Tools to Make the Jump to the Next Level

In this year’s NFL Draft class, there are a handful of players that could become the number one pick, but no one is certain who that player will be.  According to rumors circulating, A.J. Green is the highest rated player on many draft boards.  Contrary to years past, the wide receivers group and defensive linemen are the players most franchises are looking towards to draft high in the first round.  A.J. Green and Julio Jones are atop the wide receiver board, and Nick Fairley and Marcell Dareus are atop the defensive lineman group.  Since both Fairley and Dareus both went to school in the state of Alabama, they are forever going to be linked together and scrutinized against one another.  So let the debate begin.If a team is looking for a one-gap penetrator, who has the physical tools and size to pass rush effectively, Nick Fairley will be their guy.  If a team needs a run-stuffer with all the intangibles and mental capacity to thrive at the next level, then they should draft Marcell Dareus  Alabama’s Pro Day is right around the corner, so there is still time to impress.Marcell Dareus joined KTAR in Phoenix to talk about if he thought there was a chance Alabama could have repeated as National Champions, who is going to be a better pro, him or Nick Fairley, and if he expects Mark Ingram to have a great career in the NFL.

What it was about Alabama that sold him on going there:

“I really wanted to go to a school that was really close to home.  My mom was sick so I wanted to stay close to home so I could help my family and be there for my brothers and sisters.”

Whether the players on the BCS Championship team are considered legends down in Tuscaloosa:

“I don’t know.  I don’t really look at it that way but we look at each other as great players that went out there and just came together for four years, played the best we could do and bring another championship.”

If he thought there was a chance Alabama could have repeated as National Champions:

“Most definitely.  I believed everything in our power we could but we lost focus at certain points of the year, that’s what stopped us from going, but I really think we could have made it and won the national championship again.  We had the team, we had the athletic ability, and we just needed the focus.”

Who is going to be a better pro, him or Nick Fairley:

“I don’t really know.  I know I just want to be a pro’s pro, because I am a pro’s pro.  I played in a pro-style defense, I played on a very hard, strong team, and I played with a very tough coach, Coach Saban, I know I am ready but I can’t speak for Nick Fairley.”

Whether he had any contact with the Arizona Cardinals while out at the Combine:

“I had a meeting with the Arizona Cardinals while I was there.  I had a meeting with them and everything was all smooth.  They had questions and I had answers.  Everything was more relaxed than anything.”

If he expects Mark Ingram to have a great career in the NFL:

“Of course.  Mark Ingram is a workhorse.  Mark Ingram is a workhorse and he deserves it, and he is going to go out there and do the best he can, I know he will.  He is going to give 110% every game and every play.”

Whether Julio Jones is the best receiver in the Draft:

“I didn’t play against A.J.  I didn’t cover him, I don’t know what he could do, per se, but I played with Julio Jones ever since I have been with the Tide and I know what he is capable of.  I know he will go out there and give everything he has.  I know he is more aggressive.  I haven’t seen anymore more aggressive than Julio Jones.  He is a man amongst men out there.”

How he is going to finish up his preparations:

“It is but it is not.  I am more so focused on training and staying focused on what I have to do for the Pro Day and then staying in tip-top condition for the league, whenever the draft gets here.  When the draft comes around, I will be ready for the team, where ever I go to.  I suppose there are a lot of things I can tighten up on.”

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