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LT Style Electric Glide: A New Dance Craze Sweeping The Nation


LT Style Electric Glide: A New Dance Craze Sweeping the Nation

Some people are just too talented for their own good. We all knew that LT could play football but did you know he can sing and dance? LaDainian Tomlinson is singing and dancing to the tunes in his newest video entitled “LT Glide”. This video, which was filmed a few years ago by Nike, has become an internet sensation and shows a lighter side of LT that the public rarely gets to see. So why release it now just before a huge playoff game? I think LT chose to release it now in an effort to keep a lighter mood in the locker room during this week’s preparation for the New York Jets. The Chargers have won eleven games in a row and are the team to beat in the NFL. No rookie quarterback is going to travel across the country and upset these Chargers in the playoffs. I expect the Chargers to win by ten points but only if LT can “pick up the blitz” they will be able to ‘Take a knee. For another victory.’LaDainian Tomlinson joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego to talk about when he shot the “Glide” video, how they kept the video hidden for such a long time whether that really is him in the video, and what his wife thought about the video.

On when he shot the “Glide” video:

“A couple of summers ago. It was fun. A different side of me that people don’t get to see so it was fun doing it.”On how they kept the video hidden for such a long time whether that really is him in the video:“Yeah that is me. It is definitely me. We hid it for a little while. I had a lot of stuff going on at the time so it didn’t make sense to put it out at that time.”On

what the reaction has been from his teammates:

“Everybody is doing the dance now. Everybody is doing it.

”On the video being a good distraction for this week:

“It is but we are thinking about doing a remix now. I am just kidding. No I am just kidding. It is something to keep the mood light you know something to have fun with.

”On what his wife thought about the video:

“Oh she loved it. In fact she knew obviously when I first did it. I had to learn the routine, the whole dance routine in like 30 minutes. I learned it and it was fun. It was probably one of the best deals as far as the whole learning: the dance steps, the whole choreography, the people behind me, the dancers, singing a song. You know it was pretty good.

” On what was harder: the singing or the dancing:

“Probably the singing part because I had to really learn it in a hurry. Learn the singing part of it. The dancing part, I have been dancing my whole life so the moves wasn’t that hard so it wasn’t that difficult to get the moves down.

”On who were the background dancers:

“It was just some people that Nike came up with. (Host: From Where?) I have no idea where they came up with them. The funny thing is that I didn’t see any of the background dancers until I get on the set.

When I got on the set they were like:

OK guys. LT is here. Let’s run it down for him. As soon as I had seen the old guy dancing I lost it. I almost couldn’t do it because I just couldn’t stop laughing. That is how funny it was.”LT With Marty Carswell on XX Sports Radio in SD on the Glide video he did a few years ago that just came out

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