Looks Like Jon Runyan Is Done In Philly

If you’re a fan of the Eagles and a sentimental football fan, it’s a sad day.  First, there are reports that Brian Dawkins is signing in Denver. As of 6:15 pm ET, my sources say it’s not a done deal yet.  (Update, sounds like it’s done). There’s also news that the Eagles signed Stacy Andrews and Jon Runyan and his 192 straight starts are most likely done with the Eagles.  Runyan was a warrior playing through multiple serious injuries, but it caught up to him and he had microfracture surgery after the season and is 35 years old.

I think the signing of Stacy Andrews was to get younger, but also to keep his younger brother Shawn Andrews in line.  It may just work. Runyan, a media darling in Philly who always does radio and TV was gracious enough to join Mac and Mayes on ESPN Radio Philly on Friday afternoon.  Although he sure didn’t seem happy!

On if he’s received any free agent calls yet:

“I’ll take anything I can get right now.  I’m just sitting around waiting and I don’t know that anything’s going to happen till I can actually pass a physical.”

On the Eagles signing Stacy Andrews

“It doesn’t look good for me, but that was kind of expected.”

On if he feels betrayed after playing so long for the Eagles:

“No, that’s the nature of the business and if you feel betrayed about it, you know you can’t hold those type of grudges.  That’s just the way it is.  You gotta be prepared to deal with it, otherwise you’re not going to be able to perform next season.”

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