LeSean McCoy Isn’t Happy With Just Being the NFL’s Leading Rusher, He Wants to Win a Championship

The Eagles came into this season as one of the favorites in the NFC after their aggressive off-season. Surrounded by a ton of hype, the Eagles have disappointed. Vince Young called the Eagles “the Dream Team,” but it’s more like a nightmare in the city of brotherly love. There has been one bright spot for the Eagles. On a team loaded with star power no one has shined brighter than LeSean McCoy. The 3rd year pro from Pitt leads the NFL in rushing yards and is tied with Adrian Peterson in rushing touchdowns with nine. The Eagles are in an unenviable position right now. Philly is 3-5, tied for last place in the division, and will need a remarkable run to just to get back in the postseason conversation. Giving the ball to “Shady” is the Eagles best chance. LeSean McCoy joined WIP in Philadelphia with Angelo Cataldi to talk about what the mood is like in the Eagles locker room, what he makes of what is going at Penn State, clarifies his comments about the Eagles losing focus in the fourth quarter, on the idea that the offense let their team down the other night by not coming through late, what he thinks of Michael Vick’s play this year, and whether or not he is concerned with his individual numbers on a losing team.

Whether or not the mood around Philadelphia is a somber one:

“Definitely everyone here with the Eagles. I mean a loss like that on Monday night, a game we thought we had won, let it get through our hands, so the reaction here is definitely heartbroken. Trying to get back and get rolling again.”

What he thinks of the scandal at Penn State:

“Wow. How everything went down like that it’s a tough thing to talk about. My heart goes out to those kids and their families. That’s something you wish would never happen. And the way it happened like that at a major college like that, from a program sense hopefully they take care of everything and like I said prayers go out to their kids and their families.”

On the team losing focus in the fourth quarter:

“The whole offense can be playing up and down and still making plays, converting, and things like that. Then in the fourth quarter it seems like everything kinda goes bad. The only thing I can think is focus. If we’re actually focusing for four quarters, on the same page from the first quarter to the last quarter we will be in good shape.”

Whether or not the offense is at fault for the loss against the Bears because they failed to come through:

“Yeah I agree. The defense did their job of holding guys to just three points. We’re big on our offense, we feel like we have some of the best players on offense so they give us a chance to win the game, we want that, we look forward to that and for us to come up short during that game is the only thing you can say about it. We want our offense to go out there, put the points up, and win the game.”

Whether or not the mindset of the team has changed:

“Andy (Reid) does a good job of kinda getting everybody up. He does a good job of keeping us motivated. Everybody is still motivated. We have these last couple of league games and looking forward to getting it done.”

On the year Michael Vick is having:

“I think he’s having a good year. I don’t think he’s required to do as much as last year. I think we’re running the ball a little more than last year so he’s not putting up the big, big yards throwing wise but I feel like he’s managing the game right, he’s been a more better leader. He was a great leader last year but he’s even more of a leader this year. I think he’s doing a great job. He’s not required to do as much or throw the ball as many times as he did last year.”

How he views the season that he is having:

“Kind of relate to the team because I mean any player that’s having a good year with stats, that stuff doesn’t matter. Winning is the most important thing. I would change our record for the stats any day because that’s the biggest thing, winning games and winning championships, that’s the goal. You don’t come into the season and say I want to be the leading rusher and this and that. No you want to win championships. That’s the biggest thing that you look forward to.”

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