Lenny Dykstra: ‘The Bottom Line Is It’s The Last Man Standing That Wins…’

Lenny Dykstra sure seems to be going through some tough times. He may not admit it, as you’ll hear, but Dykstra has been subject to a number of trying circumstances in his personal and professional life.  What’s he do for a living, you might ask? Well, a little of this, a little of that, but most prominently Dykstra is a financial advisor and investment guru. I’ll let the interview do most of the talking for itself as it’s tremendously entertaining and interesting. The guy known as Nails joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about his baseball career, the state of the game today and about his myriad business ventures since hanging it up years ago.

On what has been reported about him in his new life in business that isn’t true:

“Everything, but that’s what I like. Remember Dan, you met me a long time ago in Chicago at a bar. And to all the reporting and all that, I let go because there’s just nothing better than coming back and putting it in their face…People pile on, ok. There’s people that come for job interviews to me just so they can get a job and file a claim for $6,000 bucks that I fired them. Because they know I’m not going to go to small claims court to deal with them. But that’s not excuses. Listen, I take it head on and the bottom line is it’s the last man standing that wins. Ok.”

On all the lawsuits pending against him:

“It doesn’t matter. They’re all worthless. Every lawsuit…there’s a rhyme for every reason. Pick one, and I’ll give you an answer. Every one of them I’ll beat, so pick one. How about the website guy?

DP then interjects with, how about the guys with the magazine that are suing Dykstra:

“The magazine?  What guys with the magazine, Double Down Media? They’re out of business just like I told them they’d be. They tried to rob me for $635,000 dollars. Rob me. That was for one issue, Dan.”

On his financial situation and if it will be easier for him after his divorce is over and done with:

Well it’ll be easier to understand. I mean, divorces are a weird thing. I don’t know if you’ve been through one but it’s like I don’t even know this person. You know, they’ve brainwashed her. It wasn’t about the money first, it wasn’t about the money. She wanted to get it over with. Well, now it’s all about the f*cking money.”

On why he has laid low out of the public eye recently amidst some of the turmoil he’s dealing with:


Because it’s all about coming back and putting it in their face. That’s the American Dream. You know that. Everybody likes the underdog. I had twenty offers last year to do reality shows while I’m sitting at the top – all they’re going to do is shoot you down. Now, I’m going to do one and I’m coming up from the bottom and just start piling through motherf*ckers.”

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