Larry Fitzgerald Downplays Thoughts Of Future Ahead Of Return To Minnesota

Larry Fitzgerald Downplays Thoughts Of Future Ahead of Return to Minnesota

Talk about adding insult to insult. On the week that the Minnesota Vikings and coach Brad Childress got egg all over their face with the waiving of wide receiver Randy Moss, a homegrown player from the state of Minnesota with Moss’ talent but not his attitude is about to come marching in the door.The Arizona Cardinals are headed to the Twin Cities and with them, Larry Fitzgerald, one of the most popular and — at least until this year — devastating receivers in the game.All of that said, perhaps the entire Metrodome will be filled with frustration this weekend. Fitzgerald, thanks to a bumbling quarterback carousel, is mired in perhaps the worst season of his career. And the Vikings are simply left wondering what they could do with him on their team.Larry Fitzgerald joined KTAR in Phoenix with Gambo and Ash to discuss the waiving of Randy Moss, if this has been his hardest year, whether Derek Anderson or Max Hall gives the Cardinals the best chance to win, his reaction to Ron Jaworski’s comments on Hall, his desire to stay in Arizona and whether he owes it to himself to check out his options.

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On Randy Moss being waived by Minnesota:

“Yeah, definitely [surprised]. I think I’m no different than anybody else. He hadn’t even been there for a month yet and they released him. That’s definitely a bit bizarre, but playing against the Vikings [this weekend], I guess it takes one extra threat off the field that we don’t have to worry about.”

On whether this has been the toughest season of his career:

“No, not by any means. I’ve been on some bad football teams in my seven years here in the desert. I’ve accomplished pretty much as much as anybody could accomplish on a personal level. I’ve done all that. I’m not really concerned about it as much as everybody else is. I’m just here to win ballgames and do whatever I need to do. … I’m not a selfish guy. This is my team, I love my teammates and I just want to get this thing right.”

On which quarterback, Derek Anderson or Max Hall, gives the team the best chance to win:

“Whatever quarterback Coach Whisenhunt puts out there. And whoever he puts out there, we’re going to go out there and support that person.”

On Ron Jaworski taking Max Hall to task, saying the QB doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback:

“I think it was a bit unfair for Jaws to say that. He’s a rookie. He’s only played in three games in his professional career. It’s far too early to write somebody off or say that they don’t have the abilities to make things happen. You have to give somebody an opportunity.”

On rooting for Hall:

“I really do like Max, I’m not going to lie. From the moment I got a chance to meet him, he just has a real love for the game. He wants to be special, he works extremely hard, he’s had to come the long road. He went to the combine, would’ve loved to have been drafted but he wasn’t. He got an opportunity to come back and play in front of his home crowd. You’ve got to root for a guy like that.”

On what issues matter most in him deciding whether to stay in Arizona after this year:

“I love Arizona. I love the people here, my son lives here, I really enjoy playing for the Cardinals. They’ve embraced me. They’ve made me feel as one in this community. I don’t want to go anywhere. I want to bring a championship here, the sooner the better. That’s just my take on it.”

On whether he owes it to himself to check out his options:

“Honestly, I would be lying to you if I told you I had even thought about it. I don’t even know if there’s going to be a season next year. We’re 3-4 right now and fighting … to try and win this division. We’re one game out of the lead right now and my only focus is how can I get better and go out there and help my team beat Minnesota. This is a huge game for me, personally, going home in front of all my family. I want to win this game bad.”
Listen to Larry Fitzgerald on KTAR in Phoenix here

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