Laron Landry: “it Didn’t Take Much For Coach Rex To Get Me There. I Am Glad To Be A Jet.”

The New York Jets were in desperate need of a safety with the departure of Brodney Poole and the uncertainty of Jim Leonhard’s health status as a free agent. After striking out on Reggie Nelson earlier this week, LaRon Landry was just what the doctored ordered for Rex Ryan. Ryan has previously coached LaRon’s brother, Dawan, in Baltimore, which made the former safety of the Washington Redskins decision a rather easy one once his visited the Jets facility in Florham Park, NJ. Landry agreed to a one-year contract with New York to prove his health is no issue before he seeks a long-term contract next season.

LaRon Landry joined ESPN New York with The Michael Kay Show to discuss the excitement of signing with the New York Jets, what other teams were interested in signing him as a free agent, the deciding factor in choosing the Jets, his role in the Jets defense this season and his growing relationship with Rex Ryan.

Are you pumped up about this?

“Oh man I am glad to be a Jet.”

What were your other options besides the New York Jets?

“I had 4 or 5 options. Patriots, Bears, Philly and the Lions. Obviously I came home with the Jets.”

What was it that pushed you to the Jets? What was the deciding factor?

“I mean Coach Rex – he is a phenomenal coach. Coach DT [Dennis Thurman] coached my brother in Baltimore. Overall a player is driven to what an organization seems like. I love that. The medical staff and a great GM, a great owner and a facility that is phenomenal. I really loved it and really loved my visit and everything went well, so I sealed the deal.”

Tell us how the Jets defense fits your style?

“I mean you know it fits me well. For me it’s not predominately…I’m not a strong safety or a free safety. I like the fact that I can be involved playing the middle of the field or going down in the box and keep the quarterback guessing. I love that. I love being active. I love playing a role in the defense and just moving around and not being so much as stationary or primary or strong or a free [safety].”

How did you interact when you met Rex Ryan?

“Everything went well. We are kind of two of the same guys. We are very passionate about the game and we get involved in the game and that’s the kind of guy I am. I love the game and I love to play ball. It’s fun to me and most of all like I said and I have a passion for it. It didn’t take much for Coach Rex to get me there. It just felt like it was like family all over again. Like I said he coached my brother when he was in Baltimore. I saw the result and my brother played a major role in this process as well.”

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