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Ladainian Tomlinson: “Tebow And Sanchez Can Definitely Coexist. I Really Don’t Think It Will Be An Issue.”

Well, let the Tim Tebowmania begin once again. There never truly is an off day in the NFL season with major trades and suspensions being handed out recently. The news of Tebow being traded to the New York Jets comes as a shocker to some and many fans of the team believe this is a ploy purely to sell tickets and garner more attention in the media capital of the world.LaDainian Tomlinson was a member of the Jets last season inside the dysfunctional locker room that came apart as the season came to a close. Tomlinson doesn’t believe his former teammate, Mark Sanchez, should take the trade as an insult.LaDainian Tomlinson joined XX 1090 Sports Radio in San Diego with Darren Smith to discuss not being surprised by the suspensions given to the New Orleans Saints for their bounty program, his free agency status, Tim Tebow being a positive influence in the Jets locker room, Tim Tebow solving the Jets locker room issues and the New York media fawning over Tim Tebow.

What do you think of what happened today with the Saints?

“Honestly I really didn’t expect it to be that harsh with the penalty. I figured they would get suspended. I thought Sean Payton would get about 4 games, 4-6 games. I thought the GM would get 2-4 games. I figured Greg Williams would probably be suspended the rest of the year. I kind of figured that, but I think the commissioner sent a message. It’s clear he is not going to tolerate this type of action. Obviously the focus is players’ health and that’s the most important theme and as I said before, Darren this trickles down. What people see in the NFL is what they are going to do in college, what they are going to do in high school, is what they are going to do in Pop Warner and so we can’t put that message up of putting bounties on players out there for everybody else to follow.”

Where are you in terms of your free agency plans?

“Obviously I’m a free agent and I’m still open to playing. I am just taking my time through this free agency stuff just continuing to explore my options and make a decision here on my future depending on my options, so I’m excited about the future either way it goes if I continue to play or if I don’t.” Your thoughts on Tim Tebow going to the Jets locker room next year?“Well I think Tebow and Sanchez can definitely coexist because Tebow strikes me enough as an opportunity to be around. He’s the type of young man that he’s going to accept a challenge of being on a football team and the challenge of being the leader in that locker room no matter what his role is. If you think about it this fits the mold of the New York Jets and Rex Ryan type teams. They’ll have Brad Smith and then Brad moves on and they drafted Jeremy Kerley to do the wildcat thing. Tebow is the type of style and the type of football that they want to play. I really don’t think it will be an issue in the locker room. I think it actually will help having Tebow in the locker room, but I definitely think the both of them will and could coexist.”

You think Tim Tebow can solve the problems of chaos that was in the Jets locker room last year?

“I think he along with a number of guys in that locker room. It just won’t be Tebow. Tebow is a strong personality that I think a lot of guys may listen to and so with his beliefs, some guys are going to gravitate toward him and kind of want him to step out and be the leader of the locker room. In due time I am sure he will. He’s going to have to get comfortable and see where he fits in and I don’t really see it being a problem.”Is there going to be enough room in New York for all of the media?“[Laughs] I am telling you it’s going to be unbelievable. You think the New York media is already just the biggest in the world, but it’s going to be crazy now.”

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