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Kurt And Brenda Warner Chat With Dan Patrick

Kurt and Brenda Warner Chat With Dan Patrick

Does any wife in the NFL garner more attention than Brenda Warner? Ever since her husband Kurt emerged from the obscure ranks of the Arena Football League and burst on to the scene with the St. Louis Rams earlier this decade, the media has been fascinated with the fairy-tale story of Kurt, his pious lifestyle and his past bagging groceries. That means wife Brenda has gotten her fair share of pub, partly because people wanted to learn more about the personal story of this Kurt Warner guy that was just tearing up the league out of nowhere. Her totally bitchin’ 90s hair-do also provided comedic relief, of course.

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The happily married parents of seven children joined The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to talk about Kurt’s decision to re-sign with the Arizona Cardinals for two more years, what they’ve been up to since the Cardinals’ captivating run to the Super Bowl last year, how their lives have changed since Kurt became a star, and for good measure, even a little bit about how Kurt’s been forced to scrape his child’s refuse from the wall after a raucous wall painting session.

Brenda on Kurt’s perpetual five o’clock shadow and whether or not Kurt intentionally shoots for the scruffy look:

“No. I’ve been with him for seventeen years and this last year he finally shaved and I felt skin for the first time. So I said, look, you know I changed my look why don’t you just try to change it every fifteen years, so finally last season he shaved for me. But honestly, he was scratchy by that night so I understand how frustrating it would be to do everyday if he were to do it.”

Kurt and Brenda – Then & Now

Brenda on their new book about the Warner’s life raising seven kids amidst the chaos and often times immoral glamor of NFL life: “I’m not worried just because we aren’t that. When you read the book, you read about how I have my jealousy issues and that I know that I’m naturally chubby and that I have to work at it, and that Kurt drives me crazy in so many ways and that we’ve done it wrong so many times. So it’s not all doing it right; it’s just us trying to do the best we can, making our mistakes and hoping that they’re not that bad and that we can overcome it and learn from it. But it’s a fun read – it shows real life incidents where nobody’s flushing the toilet or where Kurt’s taking poop off the wall where a child has finger painted. I mean it’s real life situations.”

Kurt on whether it was harder for him or his wife to handle the barrage of fame and success he had after getting another shot in the NFL with the Rams earlier this decade:

“I think early on, it was harder for me to handle it all and I guess, feel like I deserved any of this stuff that I was getting. I just wanted to play and that’s all I was focused on so it was hard for me. You know, you get the big contract and have to deal with some of that stuff – it was difficult early on. So I think I was able to accept it at some point; but you know, I still think Brenda has a harder time with the autographs and people constantly coming up, and having to interrupt us. I think that’s where – and still to the day – if she could get rid of that stuff where we could just kinda go in our little home and be our own little family, she would want that. So that part’s been very difficult for her.”

Kurt on whether or not his ‘tough’ wife (self proclaimed by herself) could beat up former Cards kicker Martin Gramatica and on which of his current teammates his wife might be able to take in a fight:

“Oh yeah, definitely. I would go for our kicker but our kicker, Neal Rackers is a pretty tough kicker so I don’t know who I would go with. I can’t say Matt Leinart because he’s doing like kickboxing so…”

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