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Knowshon Moreno was a first round pick in that was on the verge of becoming a bust. Not only did Moreno look lost on the field at times early in his career but he also had a problem staying healthy. In the first two games this season Moreno gained just 15 yards on eight carries before being moved to the inactive list for the next eight straight games. It was that point where Moreno finally got his big break that might’ve saved his spot on the Broncos roster. A season ending injury to Willis McGahee gave Moreno the opportunity to become Denver’s bell-cow and while he hasn’t been spectacular, Moreno’s been reliable, durable and his effectiveness has given Peyton Manning and the Broncos the running game needed to make Denver one of the most potent offenses in the NFL heading into their playoff game this weekend against Baltimore.

Knowshon Moreno joined 102.3 the Ticket in Denver with Les and Nalen to talk about whether he thinks the impact Ray Lewis had on the Ravens defense last week will carry over, whether he was healthy at the beginning of the season, on the amount of carries he received in his first game back from injury, how much it helped him playing the role of Jamaal Charles, Darren McFadden and other running backs on scout team and how much better he feels now than the beginning of the season.

Whether he thinks the impact Ray Lewis had on the Ravens defense last week will carry over:

“Of course. He brings that spark to their defense. He is a competitor and he’s a great player but at the same you still have to execute. Whoever goes out there and executes the gameplan and makes those plays that they need to do to hopefully come out with a win. I guess that spark that he brings or whatever can only last so long and then it comes back down to football.”

 If he was healthy at the beginning of the season:

“I was pretty healthy. I felt pretty good out there. I wasn’t 100 percent and I’m not 100 percent now but I felt pretty good. At the same time getting those weeks off and not getting my body banged up so much was definitely a help.”

On the amount of carries he received in his first game back from injury:

“As a running back we’re ready to carry it as many times as we need to. If you’re number is called then that’s what you need to do, you need to carry the rock. I haven’t carried it that many times since college but we’re always ready and that’s what we’re prepared for.”

How much playing on the scout team helped him:

“It helped me running scout team because we’re running against our defense. Just going against them and reading it out that helped. I think the time I had just growing, being in the league for a bit and being able to just slow down and use my eyes a little more and let things develop and then hit it as fast as I can was the main thing.”

How much better he feels about his game right now compared to the beginning of the season:

“I feel better like I said earlier using my eyes and being more patient. The last couple of years I was trying to do too much and trying to run too fast and this and that and not let things develop. I feel different the way I’m using my eyes and letting things develop more.”

On his excitement for this weekend’s playoff game:

“I’m jacked. Never played in the playoffs before so I’m definitely going to be amped up. It’s going to be fun, we’re going against a good team and that’s what we want to do, go against good teams and execute and come out with a win.”

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