Kevin Boss On Going From Oakland To Kansas City: “I Just Know that I’m On The Better Side Of That Rivalry”


Kevin Boss has joined his third team in as many years, but he seems to feel as though this is the beginning of a long-term relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs. Yeah, Tony Moeaki is in KC already, but it’s a copycat league and everyone wants to emulate what New England did with their tight end duo of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez last season. Kevin Boss joined Danny Parkins on KCSP in Kansas City to discuss his move from Oakland to Kansas City and his recent suggestion that he and Tony Moeaki can become a stellar duo at tight end.

On if it’s strange moving within the division from Oakland to Kansas City:

“No, not really. I was in Oakland for such a short period of time that it wasn’t really something where I really understood the whole Chiefs-Raiders rivalry. I just know now that I’m on the better side of the rivalry. … It’s been a great transition and it’s really been a blessing in disguise to have been moved on to greener pastures.”

On the recent Kansas City Star story in which he created some buzz by suggesting that the success the Patriots have had with their star tight end duo is “something that [he and Tony Moeaki] can do here”:

“I didn’t realize that that was a quote that had been blown up like that. No, you know, I wasn’t trying to say that we’re gonna have the same production level as those two by any means. That’s not something I was trying to compare ourselves to. I was just saying that they’ve kinda set the precedent for what two tight ends can do. And having two guys that are productive and can do different things on the field, I think that’s something that Tony and I will be able to [do]. Those guys have set the bar pretty high, but you look around the league and there’s a lot of teams that are trying to do that now and I think that’s something that we’re excited about doing and getting on the field together and putting up some numbers and turn those into wins.”

On the deciding factor that made him come to the Chiefs:

“I really had great conversations with Mr. Pioli and with Coach Crennel and just kinda really liked the direction this team’s moving in. I could tell early on that Mr. Pioli had a great vision for this team and so did Coach Crennel and just a class organization from top to bottom and that’s something I wanted to be a part of.”

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