Ken Griffey Jr. Actually Does A Radio Interview with KJR


Last Thursday I  wrote a long blog posting about how Seattle needs to temper their excitement about Ken Griffey Jr. returning to the Mariners.  In that posting, I told the story of how when I worked at KJR, Griffey would never come on the station and even told KJR, “I’ll do an interview with KJR when you suck my big black motherf–kin cock.”  That was back in 98 or 99. Well, Griffey sat down for an interview with KJR on Tuesday with Mike Gastineau and former Mariner Jeff Nelson.  Not sure if he did the interview because he’s friends with Jeff Nelson or if it’s because he’s finally grown up at age 39. I’m sure his old request wasn’t fulfilled either. Whatever, I’m happy for KJR that he did the interview. The Griffey madness is still insane, and local Seattle singer Michael Wansley released a single on KJR called “Junior is Back“. I like it because it’s to one of my favorite songs from the 90’s, “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison.

Griffey on how tough the decision was to play so far away from his family:

“It was tough. It wasn’t like the Mariners offered me a contract in November, or even December, or even January.  It was back-to-back days and I felt like in fairness I was going to give both sides an opportunity.” “I grew up where my dad had to play. He didn’t make the money that I make. He didn’t have the best childhood and he made sure that he was like I’m going to give my son the best opportunity to succeed. He did what he had to do and I’m thankful for that. I was that 15 year old kid where my dad was the only one not being at certain games and I remember that.” “The money doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a relationship with your kids.”

On what he has left

“I’ve done pretty much everything offensively that you can do. Now it’s about teaching the young kids how to play the game of baseball.”

On his goals for this year

“I’ve never really set goals. I think when you set a goal and you get to it, you have that letdown.”

On playing DH

“Hittin and sittin is not fun. Some people can do it, ahh, you know, once a month maybe.”

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