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Junior Seau Still Unsure About His Future

Junior Seau Still Unsure About His Future

Brett Favre may be the guy garnering all the attention about whether or not he will retire from the NFL, but there’s another old, Hall of Fame bound veteran who also is unsure about his status for season. That would be linebacker Junior Seau, who joined the New England Patriots late last year to help their depleted defense down the stretch. As of now, Seau says he’s retired, but as you’ll hear, that could change somewhere down the line. The veteran joined XX 1090 in San Diego to talk about his mindset about playing this year, why he partially understands what Brett Favre is going through, what kind of season he thinks Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson will have and when he thinks he might arrive at his decision about playing.

On if he’s officially retired or not:

“I’ll definitely look at it at the end of October or November. Let’s put it that way.”

On why it’s so hard for guys like himself and Brett Favre to decide to walk away and then stick to it:

“Because you still can play the game. That’s the only reason. I mean, to allow other decision makers besides your faith when there’s an opportunity, I think we’re always going to hold on to that opportunity as long as we can. And it’s not like we’re hurting anyone. What I’m doing is basically just surfing and enjoying life with the kids and carrying on as if I am retired. But if they happen to need me towards the end of the season like they did last year then I’ll definitely look at it.”

On Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson and whether or not he thinks LT will have a big bounce back year after the offseason that he has had:

“If that doesn’t motivate him then i don’t know what will.  Obviously I know LT and he doesn’t need much motivation going in to any kind of season. I think what has happened in the year previous is that the game catches up injury wise and when you deal with the injuries you’re going to be judged according to how you perform, not whether or not you have an injury. And he felt that the last two years and hopefully he can stay healthy so he can just play football.”

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