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Josh Hamilton On His Historic Four Home Run Night: “i Can’t Do Too Much Better Than I Did Last Night.”

Oh what a night it was for Josh Hamilton earlier this week. The Rangers center fielder became the 16th man to hit four home runs in one game. This historic baseball moment was jaw dropping as No.32 crushed the baseball to all directions of the field at Camden Yards in Baltimore.The natural talent of Hamilton is unparalleled and he proved why on this night against the Orioles.Josh Hamilton joined ESPN Dallas with Galloway and Company to discuss keeping his mind off hitting home runs, if he thinks he’d be able to follow up his monster night with a five home run encore, his teammates discussing his home run streak before every at bat during the game, being aware of the record he had just matched, his post-game celebration after hitting four home runs in one game, and letting the moment sink into his mind.

Tonight do you go to the plate on that first at bat and does home run even go into your mind?

“No. To be honest with you I am little nervous that I am playing tonight. I can’t do too much better than I did last night.”

Can you hit five home runs tonight?

“Well the thing is even last night when it was the third and the fourth you didn’t go up there thinking about the home run. You prepare in the dugout for what pitcher you are facing. Who it was? What do they throw? You do everything you normally do with it and approach it the same way. Tonight it is not going to be any different with the lefty going and just trying to figure out his game plan and do what you try to do and adjust off that.”

Were your teammates saying anything to you as you approached the plate going for your 4th home run in the game?

“No. Nobody said anything to me. Honest to god I didn’t think about it because I was praying that god would just give me peace and stay quiet and just do what I need to do to get Elvis Andrus moving around because he was on first base every time I was up.”

Did you have any idea what elite club you joined after hitting four homers in one night?

“I really didn’t. I didn’t know how many guys had done it before or when the last time was or anything like that.”

What did you do after the game?

“We ordered pizza last night. My father-in-law was in town, so he came to the room. We hung out a little bit and watched a few highlights and called it a night.”

Tim Kurkjian called it the single best performance in American League History. Has that sunk in?

“No. I don’t think it will. You gotta think about it as you know what it was great I did it. I’m excited I did it, but yesterday is over with and you gotta think about today and not worry about tomorrow.”

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