Joseph Addai On Indianapolis Drafting A Fellow Running Back: ‘In life, a lot of things come at you that you don’t expect. But you have to take advantage of it.’

The season is a particularly important one for Indianapolis Colts running back Joseph Addai. After rushing for over 1,000 yards and not missing a game during Indy’s Super Bowl season in, the former LSU running back has struggled – struggled to provide explosive plays in the running game, and struggled to stay healthy enough to do so. If there is any chance at the Colts re-signing him when his deal expires after the season, Addai better have a very productive year in. Then of course, there’s rookie running back Donald Brown waiting in the wings, the Colts 1st Round selection out of UCONN. Any way you carve it up, the 2009 season is going to be an interesting and telling one for Addai. He joined 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis Monday to talk about being a professional and helping Donald Brown as best he can, how frustrating last year was dealing with injuries, and how he puts the Colts’ success above any and all personal goals he may have for himself.

On his personal reaction when he learned that the Colts had taken a running back in the 1st Round of this past April’s draft:

“Regardless, at the end of the day, it’s the business of it. I can’t lie – I’m human. The first thing I said was okay, what’s going on, but at the same time, you kind of apply it to life. In life, a lot of things come at you that you don’t expect. But you have to take advantage of it. So, the way I looked at it was like, it comes down to the team, no matter what, regardless of how I feel or how somebody else may feel. It’s about doing what’s best for the team. So I got to be positive in what some people might think I’m looking at it in a negative way…’

On Brown’s recent comments that Addai has been a great friend, mentor and teacher so far in camp:

“I mean you got to watch out for people and help them. Like when I came in, Dominic [Rhodes] helped me out a lot. I mean, he could have been the same way, but he helped me out a lot, taught me a lot of things. So, the only thing I could do is help out the young guys…What it comes down to is winning games, so you have to still be positive. And I’m always for helping people out, no matter what. I mean, in life, you still have to help people out to get forward in life. So it’s never I don’t want to show this because obviously there is competition, no matter whoever’s there, who they draft, who ever they have back there already. It’s always a competition. But if somebody else is in the game, I’m going for them.”

On just how frustrating last year was for Addai:

“I mean, injuries come with the game. You know that going in to it. But it gets frustrating. The only way I know how to do is to fight through it. You just kind of fight through it and just understand what you can get out of it. And if it’s not the knee, it’s the hamstring. And if it’s not the hamstring, it’s the shoulder. So it was one of those years that was kind of frustrating, but the good thing with football is that you can always start over.”

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