Jose Canseco, Still Trying To Stay Relevant, By Talking About David Ortiz

Jose Canseco is, obviously, pretty slimy. But for as repulsive as he is, he’s actually been more correct in terms of his accuracy for predicting/naming steroid users.

Given David Ortiz’ current slump then, you would have to imagine that Boston sports radio folks would be interested in finding out Canseco’s thoughts on Big Papi. And guess what??? They are! Crazy, right? I know.

On David Ortiz’ slump:

“I think it’s impossible to tell — I’ve been out of the game for 7 or 8 years now — I met David Ortiz a long time ago when he was a Minnesota Twin and he wasn’t an everyday player and I told him wow, you’ve got a lot of power and incredibly quick hands. And he said, “You know, Jose, I think I do, but the Minnesota Twins organization has never given me a chance to play everyday.” And all of a sudden we see him with Boston and he gets to play every day and show his ability and talent. I really don’t know with David Ortiz because I’ve never had any communication with him … but it just might be a coincidence and he might just be having an off year.”

On why Manny Ramirez got caught:

“Well, obviously he tested positive for some illegal substances. And because Major League Baseball is involved and to me, they are the mafia and they control everything, we’ll never know exactly what Manny got caught for. Obviously right now, you know, it’s kind of like they’re trying to control what’s going on — would you rather say he tested positive for a steroid or a chemical … that’s basically used to bring back your levels after a very long time. He got caught for something, but Major League Baseball right now is in damage control mode.”

On the growth of HGH with MLB players:

“Um, no. There is a problem — I think all the numbers have gone down drastically because, yes, you may have a chemical out there that’s not detectable, but here’s the problem: they may not detect it in your system, but the individuals who are supplying it to you in any way, shape or form if their name is leaked out or they do a paper trail or track it back to the individual … I would think these players would be smart enough to realize that that era is over and the game should be clean … because the risk/reward isn’t worth it now.”

Donnie Knowledge

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