Jordan Crawford Lebron Took Over After I Dunked On Him

This is all sad, really; I don’t think there’s much more to say (that’s the end of this post).  No, but seriously, LeBron James gets dunked on at his basketball academy… SO WHAT?  He, along with Nike, think it would be in the best interests of LeBron to confiscate the tapes?  Gimme a break.  It’s LeBron freaking James.  Nothing this tiny would tarnish his image – yes, it would be on YouTube for eternity, but come on.  If anything, it leads to ads poking fun at The King getting facialed.  It leads to contests of people dunking on one another in front of LBJ, and so on.  Bleh.  I’m so disgusted by all this corporate control garbage.  If this happened 20 years ago, it would have just been a tale the 50 people there could have told, but because of the threat of internet video, Nike will be hearing about this for a while.  Jordan Crawford, formerly of Indiana University now an Xavier Musketeer, joined 670 The Score in Chicago to discuss the details of the dunk, LBJ’s mood afterward, and the Nike people’s brains.

Why did they take away the tapes?

“I don’t really know anything about that, that’s Nike and him overriding it.  I don’t wanna get caught up in that.”

How did the dunk happen?

“He was waiting under the rim while I was coming towards him, and I jumped, and he kinda jumped away.  I don’t think he thought I was gonna dunk it, and then, you know.  (Host: You dunked it.)  Yeah.”

What were you guys playing at the time?

“We was playing 5-on-5; it was 20 college campers and we were split up in to four teams and LeBron brought his own team.”

Was he annoyed after you dunked on him?

“He definitely took over – he was LeBron, he was still LeBron.  It happened, like, the first 30 minutes when we we hooping, and we was hooping for like two hours.  After I did it, we just kept playing ’cause the basketball just got started really.”

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