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John Daly On His Improved Play Teeing With Tiger And Corporate Sponsors

John Daly on His Improved Play, Teeing With Tiger, and Corporate Sponsors

I’ve long chronicled my “fondness” (read: obsession) with John Daly, having stalked him in Greensboro the last time he was here (you better be back this year, Big John!) And every time he gets on the horn with a radio station, I get pretty excited because he’s, frankly, hilarious. And, naturally when the Junkies rang him up, they talked about his late career bloom, his Diet Coke habit, qualifying for the US Open, playing with Tiger Woods and whether he’s gambling or not. It’s kind of surreal to hear him talking about doing so well, really.


On kicking his Diet Coke habit:

“Well, I haven’t kicked it yet. The problem is, with this lap-band surgery I had for my weight, it’s hard to drink carbonated drinks, so I”m way, way down on the Diet Cokes and just trying to drink the All Sport …”

On a late career Andre Agassi-like blossoming:

“I think so. Working with Rick Smith — we’ve been working really hard, he’s got me hitting the ball really, really good. He’s down here in Florida with me for these next two days before I go to Europe. Yeah I’m working hard on it — look at what Vijay’s done in his 40’s and a few other guys as well. So I mean, I’m just putting a little more effort into it and hopefully it will pay off soon.”

On how close he came to the US Open this year:

“I putted really bad. I didn’t even come close. I think I was like two-over par and like four, five or six made it.”

On playing with Tiger:

“He’s really cool off the golf course, and he’s really nice on the course. He’s just a hell of a competitor and he knows he’s gonna beat your ass every time he plays against you. That’s the way people look at Vijay Singh — I know Vijay really well. He’s one of the nicest guys and funniest guys I’ve ever met. And Tiger’s pretty damn funny too, but on the golf course it’s all about serious business and that’s why he wins so much.”

On whether he’s gambling now:

“Nah, it’s something I hardly ever do. I think my odds are better gambling on the golf course than in the casino.”

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