John Cena Says Steroid Users Like A-Rod Should Go To Jail


As much as you may despise professional wrestling, there is one fantastic thing about it you can’t deny – it’s that theme music when a wrestler is on his way to the ring.  You’ve heard the icons’ tunes before – your Hulk Hogans and Ric Flairs – the ones that make it seem like they’re far more important than any fan.  And, that’s why I think current WWE star John Cena has the potential for greatness – not so much the lyrics, but the dramatic instrumental of the God-like intro.

Wrestlers use performance enhancing steroids.  After Mickey Rourke’s ‘The Wrestler’ hit theatres last year, many people’s notion that this idea was gospel only got reaffirmed.  WWE star John Cena joined Boomer and Carton on WFAN to get on his soapbox about putting steroid-abusers in prison, and to also plug his upcoming movie, 12 Rounds.  You may scoff during this interview when Cena tells you the WWE has a drug policy (what he calls a ‘Wellness Policy’).  Boomer even questions how Cena got his physique – after he got off the phone, that is.  The WWE star is adamant that athletes who violate these policies should be imprisoned – including anyone named Alex Rodriguez or Barry Bonds.

On giving young athletes a deterrent from taking steroids:

“If you wanna make it fair across the board and certainly give these athletes something that will really make or break their career… you get caught, you got to jail, that should be it.  That would just make these athletes, especially younger athletes – athletes who are at such a young age and they see their heroes get caught for performance enhancing drugs – it would really make them think twice.”

On role models (including himself) that children can look up to:

“Performance enhancing drugs have become so commonplace that when you see an athlete do something superb, people don’t even take it as athletic achievement anymore; they automatically think it’s performance enhancing.  And, I just think that just, society is so jaded… it can be done without drugs and it is being done without drugs.  You just have to look at a decent set of role models.”

On star athletes getting away scot-free after using performance enhancers:

“Let’s not just let these guys get pinched and go forward.  Honestly, if you’re not Alex Rodriguez, or if you’re not Tejada, or if you’re not Barry Bonds, and these guys get caught for substance abuse – it really just ends up a scroller on the ESPN ticker… there is no penalty.”

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