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Joe Torre Talks About His Book

We’ve heard from everyone, but Joe Torre regarding his book “The Yankee Years” with Tom Verducci.  On Tuesday, he did his first radio interview to discuss the book with Mike Francesa of WFAN.And it’s a long interview.

They discussed the controversy surrounding the book, Alex Rodriguez, David Wells, Mike Mussina knocking Mariano Rivera, Kevin Brown, his relationship with management, and many other topics.  One thing that was interesting to me was when Francesa asked him if he thought that Roger Clemens had roid rage the night he threw the bat at Mike Piazza.  Here was Torre’s answer:

“I know one thing, he was in his own place at that point in time.”

Torre later went on to say:

“At the time I didn’t tie the two together. But in retrospect, with everything that’s going on, it could very well have been.”



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