Joe Staley: San Francisco 49ers Won’t Be Distracted By New Orleans Party Scene And We’re Confident In Our Game Plan Against Ravens

The San Francisco 49ers touched down in New Orleans on Sunday and want to avoid all distractions surrounding Super Bowl week.Joe Staley is the veteran leader of the 49ers’ offensive line. The left tackle spoke about staying focused for the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.Joe Staley joined 95.7 The Game in San Francisco on The Wheelhouse with John Lund to discuss the San Francisco 49ers not being distracted by their hotel location, the 49ers feeling confident and well prepared for Super Bowl XLVII, blocking Terrell Suggs and Paul Kruger and how much the 49ers learned about the Ravens when the two teams faced off on Thanksgiving.

I was surprised to see the San Francisco 49ers are staying right in the heart of New Orleans. Is that what the NFL is making you do?

“I think the NFL maybe told us stuff and set that all up. I don’t really think it is going to be an issue. We stayed right down here in the same exact area when we played New Orleans last time we came down, and we are down here for a business trip. Guys are not going to go out and do anything crazy. It’s fun for the families and it’s fun to come down because they are all staying at similar places, so we’ll let them enjoy the city and we’ll go take care of business on the football field.”

Where are the 49ers at right now in terms of fine-tuning the game plan?

“We had a great week of practice last week. We really took advantage of the extra week. I think it’s one of those situations where in a big game like this, any kind of extra work that you can get in is beneficial, obviously, and you want to leave no stone unturned. We definitely did that last week and we have another full week to go through, so we are going to feel very well-prepared. We’ll feel confident with the game plan going in and then it comes down to executing and playing a football game.”

Compare and contrast going up against Terrell Suggs and Paul Kruger?

“They are two very good players. I think coming back from the injury, you could tell early on that Suggs wasn’t 100 percent, but he’s looked really well since the last few weeks of playoffs and he’s playing at a real high level now. And what we are expecting now, especially with this week of rest, it being the Super Bowl and he will be on the top of his game and playing really well. Those two guys present a real big challenge for myself and Anthony Davis. They are very talented guys and obviously playing at a high level. They do a great job of playing within that defense and playing physical. The other thing you want from those guys on the edge is the pass rush with all the different moves. It’s just another week of life as an offensive tackle and you gotta go against one of the best players and use your technique at some point and be ready.”

How much can you learn from facing the 49ers on Thanksgiving ?

“A little bit. The personnel is familiar and you played against them. We are different teams than we were last year. They are a different team as well, coming into this season, so as far as schematics and all that stuff goes, not too much. It’s a different season and all that, but we went against their players on a short week and traveled and all that stuff … Not looking too much into that game, but at the same time you can’t run away from it. You really just focus on this season and fulfilling the promise here.”

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