Joe Staley: Loss Of Starting Job Is Eating Alex Smith Up Inside


Jim Harbaugh continues to insist that his quarterback situation remains up in the air, despite the fact we all know Colin Kaepernick is very likely to be his guy going forward. Some, though, feel that isn’t fair to Alex Smith, who didn’t really do anything to lose his job aside from getting injured.

Minnesota Vikings - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Joe Staley joined John Lund on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco to discuss the rough stuff from Sunday’s game against the Saints, Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick and the quarterback controversy in San Francisco.

On Alex Boone getting kicked in the head by Brodrick Bunkley:

“The kick was blocked, so I went to go cover the kick and I didn’t see it until afterwards. He was saying that he was telling the guys, ‘Yeah, just wait til my guys come and see me, they’re going to come and mess you up.’ And then nobody came because we were covering the kick. So he felt a little bit let down.”

On Anthony Davis playing the second half with a dislocated finger:

“Yeah, he dislocated it really, really bad and they said, ‘Well, we’ll have to numb it to put it back in place.’ And he’s like, ‘How long is that gonna take?’ ‘About five minutes.’ And he’s like, ‘Dude, does it look like I have five minutes?’ He’s like, ‘Just tape it up.’ So he played the whole second half with a pretty messed up dislocated finger.”

On how he thinks Alex Smith feels based on his contact with him:

“He wants to play. He made his feelings known yesterday with the comments that he made. He’s itching to play, and he feels he should be out there, but it’s the coach’s decision. That’s the way he’s handling it. … I know it’s eating him up inside, but I know Alex, the kind of man he is, the kind of character he has, and he wants to see the team win. But he wants to be out there on the field.”

On how the offense is different with Kaepernick under center:

“He can do some things with his feet. But the offense is the same — same game plan, same called plays. We just expect to go out and execute the offense, regardless of [the quarterback].”

On how he feels about Smith’s situation:

“I’d love to have him out there. He knows how I feel. But regardless of who I’m out there with, my job is to be the best left tackle I can be.”

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