Joe Girardi Can This Be Championship Number 27 For Yankees


Last season was a disaster for the Yankee organization and all Yankee fans.  For the first time  they missed the playoffs. the Yankees made the playoffs each year; their 13-season postseason streak was the second-longest in MLB history This is not something that happens often for this franchise, at least since Derek Jeter joined the squad. For a franchise that has won 26 world championships, 39 AL Pennants, and 16 AL East titles, last season was a disaster.  They went out in the off season and bought what they needed in C.C Sabathia and A.J Burnett and oh by the way also got a switch hitting power hitter in Mark Teixeira.  They ended this season with the best record in the MLB and are back in the ALCS.  The overwhelming pressure is off Alex Rodriquez and Skipper Joe Girardi now has to take this team back to the promised land.

Girardi coming into this ALCS talked about possibly starting CC, AJ and Petite and going back to that on three days’ rest and has been questioned about that even before the series starts tonight. Will it work for him and maybe the biggest question is will the weather hold up on the East Coast to get these games in on time. That could affect the rotation as well.Joe Girardi joined WFAN in New York and talked about the start of the ALCS, the weather in NY for the start of the series, the pitching rotation, and the need for people outside of Jeter and A-Rod to hit.

Asked about the bad weather that’s hitting New York during the series:

“I think you would rather play in nicer weather but you play in April and May and you can get some bad days.  Our guys are used to it.  What you worry about is that conditions get real wet tomorrow night, and there is some rain.  It’s going to affect both teams, so I mean it fair on both sides, because both teams have to play in it.  But obviously you would prefer better weather.”

Asked if he is concerned that not everyone is hitting right now, besides ARod and Jeter:

“Tex had a pretty decent series too, he had some big hits.  I don’t get too bothered by it.  Obviously you would like to have 10-11 guys swinging the bats great in the Minnesota series.  You know we have four days off, so who knows what would have happened.  The bottom line is we won the series, we played good baseball.  And it could be a different four or five guys that get real hot in this series.  We have to score enough runs, that’s just what we have to do.”

Asked about his starting rotation, who starts game 2 and three and if they will go with CC in game 4:

“AJ will start game 2 and Andy in game 3 and four is undecided.  (Starting CC) It’s something we are definitely  considering and we will talk about it as we move forward in the series and hopefully we are able to play these games Friday and Saturday, no one wants rain out this time of the year, but we will have to see what the weather does.”

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