Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum


Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum by Jimmy Shapiro

Mike Tannenbaum has had a busy twelve months..  First he traded for Chris Jenkins, signed Alan Faneca and Calvin Pace to huge contracts and then he traded for some guy named Favre.  Was kind of a big story.  The twelve month period wrapped up with firing Eric Mangini and hiring Rex Ryan. The Jets got off to a great start and hit a peak when they crushed the Titans on the road ending the Titans’ hopes of an undefeated season.  After that, the team was stale and Brett Favre started to look his age.  I think they need to move on from the Brett Favre era.  I also love the Rex Ryan hiring.

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Tannenbaum answers a few questions on Brett Favre:

“I feel really good about the Brett decision. He did a lot of good things for us last year. Obviously,  some of that was overshadowed by Miami’s improvement within the division.  We were able to win five more games with Brett then we were the year before.  I think he did a lot for our organization off the field.  He was a tremendous teammate.”
“I’m not a big believer in deadlines.  Just from a standpoint if you set a deadline, the world could look different an hour from that.” If you’re wondering why the Jets GM would be on a random interview in Atlanta in February, it’s because he knows the morning host Steak Shapiro from his childhood.

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